9-11 was about Lyme Disease-you are in a plague and don’t know it (warning: some cussing)

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Dear Subscribers!! I’m super busy making a giant flat earth documentary and experiment!! National Geographic was involved and everything! I will be back to mandela effect soon! Until then please enjoy this and thank you to all of you who have expressed concern as to where I am ! I am ok and can’t wait to get back to ME videos!!! But the documentary is amazing 🙂 see u soon!!!

LINK TO ORIGINAL BROADCAST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hP91GQcNdKw&t=1811s

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Here you go just watch the first few minutes Michael J Fox himself admits he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease (genetically modified siphilis) before they changed his diagnosis and called it Parkinson’s . They try to hide this and say it’s not true but here it is from his own mouth. Also look up anything else I say such as “gulf war troops Lyme” before it gets hidden off the net


Robert Klimeck says:

I read something recently that ivermectin pills help to rid of lyme disease. Maybe this is something you could look into. I haven't done any research on it yet but I plan to soon.

Robert Klimeck says:

Vitamin C is a great natural antibiotic (among other things), that's why it helped so much with your tooth infection. Much better than taking antibiotics.
Also, I'm thinking there has been a (intentional) decrease in oxygen over maybe a hundred years or so and that recently (w/in 15 yrs) we've been getting hit harder with decreases (hence the almost constant chemtrails) and that it plays a huge role in peoples declining health. It lowers our immune system, brain function, ect. Therefore, the man made disease is able to easily attack our bodies.

Paris Mercury says:

Its all Ebstein Barr virus in the begining. We all have it. Mono is obvious manfastation of this Contagious. I have Fibromyalgia and etc. You are on the right track. Ozone treatment sounds wonderful. I will check it out. Thank you for sharing.

whyy thestupidithurts says:

First abstract thing in mind great mimicer= legion via physical form … thousands of demons as one or in one …part of the creation of the beast system etc

whyy thestupidithurts says:

Everything that we are quick to passion about are most likely their grifts …thus if something pulls instant emotional reaction , stop pull back …every political divide etc …stop pull back to see the grifts

Esther Anders says:

Teasel root is suppose to kill or get rid of Lyme disease. My son got it from a tick and we gave that to him and it worked pretty well. I could see bi-bolar being related to this as well. My son when he first got it was like the Hulk. One second he was fine next second he was throwing things and screaming. After antibiotics he calmed down allot. I was told Teasel Root helps Lyme, he had improvement with pain and soreness once we tried it with him. I may have to start taking it just to keep myself safe. You don't have to take it forever just up to 6 weeks.

J Barbee says:

My iridologist told me years ago I had Lyme disease. I have 5 "labeled" autoimmune diseases including MS and don't believe in disease. I've been trying to heal myself naturally for over 30 years with no luck, only degenerating. I've known something is wrong for a long time. I specifically asked my doctor for a Lyme test, and told him I've been bitten at least 5 times this season. He talked it down and refused the test. They say I'm iron deficient anemic, but it's not. I love this video. It's all coming together. You have brought hope back to me. I'm tired of all this degeneration of my body! I have used a food grade peroxide regimen in the past as it oxygenates the blood and kills all hidden viruses. I'm getting back on track now!

Steely Cent says:

Im actually looking to start a business that treats outdoor properties to combat lyme, zika, west nile, etc by naturally killing fleas ticks and mosquitos (but it does not harm pets or humans.) It is 100% natural (i could drink the concentrate and be fine) and it lasts between 4 and 6 weeks before reapplication, depending on variety of insect. Im attempting a little market research here…Would that be a service anyone would be interested in having during the warm months? I believe cost would be likely less but similar to those TruGreen lawn fertilizer treatments calculated using sq ft. Any input would be incredibly appreciated. Thanks everyone!!

Sylvia Crafts says:

I've been using peroxide for a year and I've had way less pain and problems in my mouth and I used to have bad sensitivity. But you've got to be careful and dilute it because your scratching your gums up everytime you brush.

Sylvia Crafts says:

World church OMG! I have so much to tell you I would have to shoot you an email because everything you said here is unbelievably and relatable as well, I have got to tell you what's been going on with me.

World Church says:

did you know you are in the middle of a hidden plague and don't even know it? this is important for everyone. If you want to join our ongoing hangout to tell me your story and search for a cure click here Join the conversation on Hangouts: https://hangouts.google.com/group/dtju6sT3dOmbR4cc2 APOLOGIES! The drug I mentioned is called PAS. If you try it please please please please let me know what happens. I would supplement with manganese before you deplete yours with this as you are likely deficient from Lyme https://www.purdue.edu/uns/html3month/2006/060606.Zheng.manganese.html

Vanessa TX says:

Very very good. I've missed your videos!

Jessica Maskiell says:

ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING?!?!? 9/11 started out as a government exercise (NORAD) gone wrong! Dick Cheney and Giuliani both guilty of bringing down the the World Trade Towers…a government inside job. NOT FUCKING LYME'S DISEASE!!!


Ticks carry a gene drive for people with genetic resistance to lyme, after bitten then the lyme hits them when the gene drive rewrites there genetics. CANNABIS IS A GENE DRIVE IN A GOOD WAY! I REPEAT, CANNABIS IS A GENE DRIVE! IT REPROGRAMS YOUR DNA AND EDITS OUT FLAWS DUE TO THE FACT THAT WE HAVE BEEN USING IT SO LONG IT IS LITERALLY PART OF OUR GENETIC CODE.


Also must take into consideration that gmo foods and vaccinations are the carriers for lyme


Marijuana helps more than anything but you need to eat it


I have Lyme I think , I have been extremely tired and depressed feeling, I have body pain, and recently having bad chest pains. Was bitten by ticks and sprayed by black helicopter while living off the grid last year around this time.

NewKingdomComing * says:

Is that you in video who is talking? If so I would very much like to chat with you if possible. My mom was diagnosed with "dementia", then Altzheimers after inconclusive MRIs where they actually couldn't diagnose her with anything other than what her cognitive declining symptoms seemed to indicate. For first two years they sent her home with "a little senility" while she was slipping very fast. And the pattern of her decline doesn't even fit altzheimers; they were clearly just reaching for a diagnosis to put on her. Do you have an email?

leah smooth says:

i’m watching this on a plane do u think that’s a good idea

Viviana Pizarro says:

Mandela effect ! A few hours ago I looked for your channel. I missed you. Nothing. I sensed you where going to post and waited. … And now here you are. Did I travel forward and came back to this dimension to wait for this video?
Oh! And can prove it bc I commented on one of your videos. Xoxoxoxo

ASk Ask says:

Hi WorldChurch love your videos! The one problem I have with our scientists creating diseases based on Lyme disease doesn’t work for me because you spoke of it being in “all diseases “, diseases go back far, probably millions of years what be the cause of those? No one could secretly create anything then. It was all by nature??

Steely Cent says:

Heroin was created in a lab by Bayer and is not a precursor to any pharmaceutical opioids. If anything…the pharma companies lead people to heroin once they cant afford the prescriptions. The last thing pharma wants is to lose their customers to heroin. Theres no real impactful crackdown on prescription opioids because big pharma still holds a big influence.

Steely Cent says:

Fentanyl is made in a lab for much cheaper than we can make heroin or opium from poppies…hence the heroin being fentanyl lately. Pharmacutical companies typically synthesize their opioids…they dont use poppies.

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