Summary – Stage 20 – Tour de France 2018

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From Saturday 7th of July to Sunday 29th of July 2018, the 105th Tour de France includes 21 stages for a total length of 3 351 kilometers.

DUMOULIN Tom won the stage in Espelette before FROOME Chris and THOMAS Geraint.
THOMAS Geraint is the Yellow Jersey.

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frederick sta ana says:

Tom will be a podium guy in the coming years.. a grand tour winner again maybe

GeneralArmorus says:

I don't get how they're still beating everyone else around in ITT after a GIRO TOUR DOUBLE

Davide Santos says:

Parabéns Dumoulin. Grande vitória. Depois da grande volta que fizeste quer no tour quer no giro, ainda teres força para este desempenho, é verdadeiramente admirável. E ainda mais admirável se torna quando tu nem sequer tens "ASMA".
Continua assim "a correr limpo" que o teu dia de glória chegará em breve…

Jeremy Kitto says:

Congratulations to Mr. Thomas, got to say these boys lucked out ,this was the “Fairweather” tour !

Danfuerth Gillis says:

Lmfao is it me or the times are slowing down massively on ITT'S? Lighter bikes these days but look at the legs lol . Literally these top 4 riders have a 2 minute advantage over me at 39 years old!!! On my 14 kg $290 road bike with flopping shorts and a t-shirt . These times clearly show the doping has slowed down . We used to see big ass legs on these time trials. I can't imagine myself using their Top Level bikes , clothing I think at 39 years old I might end up in in the top 5 positions lmfao.

Michael J Fitch says:

Froome crossed the line at 40.50 and they added 3 seconds to his time ???…I watched all the other rider's cross the line and the time that was shown was the time that they got. VERY STRANGE ???

Geralt Of Hell says:


Stupid fucking pathetic Americanised cunts.

timothy phillips says:

Geraint is going to win this for WALES! Cymru am Byth .

Alex Schultz says: end NATO, end e.u. And end u.n. trash countries being invaded, no longer our ally.

Lauchie Thompson says:

You show Luke Durbridge despite talking about Michael Hepburn. Do your research!

Antoine Morin-Prévost says:

Oh man I feel so bad for Roglic ! What an amazing rider, he really deserved the 3rd place. I guess he was kind of tired after his tremendous effort and victory just the day before.

remote control says:

The dilemma for the Tour is if Froome were to win it would be controversial cos of his past positive blood test and no sanction, and before the Tour the UCI announced Froome would not be cleared to ride. The next day the decision was reversed. Now most people view cycling as a joke.It's the die-hard fans who still love this questionable sport. I being one of them, but I know most riders are still doping. Cycling has diminished to merely entertainment. It's no longer real to me.

King Yurt says:

Think everyone pretty happy with tour

DallasPittsburgh says:

Does anyone know where to find this music track they play in each video.

I think it’s amazing and would love a long uninterrupted version.

Thank you to anyone who can find it!

Sub Mariner_38090 says:

This last two grand tours just proves how important is to be supported by a strong team. TD had it but team Sky was what made the difference. Great time watching the Dutchman!

CERES France says:

Un astmatic , avec Ventoline …. 3 eme du tour…… falk-intox-dopage

Schalk Jansen says:

Is Thomas really that good in TT? Froome also :/

Fox Lake says:

Congratulations to Geraint Thomas for winning this tour. He totally deserved it. Very proud of my dutch hero Tom Dumoulin. He was amazing during this tour. Im really happy that he won the stage today.

Janco Arends says:

Thomas and Tom, congrulations!

Aaron Householder says:

1:01, except that is video of Luke Durbridge, not Michael Hepburn. Oops.

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