SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus

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SMG4 and his friends have been subject to a T-Pose Plague… can Mario survive in time to save his friends?


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Blaze says:

I lost it when I noticed Bob filming Fishy's zombification!

Xander sweeper says:

We all going to die

cross god says:

I love to T-pose ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

CorrinEmblem says:

Waluigi did this cause he didn't get to be in smash..

Manuela Kryezi says:

If mario was in the scp containment breach

The Portal Network by TRIO STUDIOS says:

I thought Luigi is dea- oh right this video is in SMG4's universe.

BlueJay 827 says:



Paul Davey4 says:

I'm guessing the next video is called "Were on a Waluigi Hunt."

ilyaszha fayyadh firjatullah says:

I ❤ meggy

Sahin Yil says:

What kind of drugs do you have to be on to make one of these bruh

JustJesus360 says:

If Mario was in mortal combat

Mats van Engelen says:

1:07 that’s actually pretty creepy

Sir.Pumpkinton says:

Tip: T-posing will let people know you're superior

beatre0524a says:

hay smg4 can you add me in the video and plz call my chariter Ice Mario

GhostQueen says:

Shroomy is a cannibal

Josiah Rajnauth says:


Perkurius says:

How about the guy who got kicked from the roof by Mario? Did he die for real?

SMG7 says:


Moritz W. says:

Meggy has Won automatikly when she hat Exodia on the field

Trung Le says:

can you made if mario in roblox

Alexis piret says:

7:05 fuck you lol

Alexis piret says:

Oh why you do that it was just a prank bro

Alexis piret says:

6:54 oh shit why you do this

Miles Duchaine says:

eats beef jerky while watching this in my pajamas at 8:10 AM in the morning in my room on Thursday, August the ninth, 2018

GoldiggerTheRich says:

4:48 is a fake priest

Alexis piret says:

Were all gonna die

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