Expert: UFOs frequently come close to hitting airliners

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Britain’s real-life ‘Fox Mulder’ says in recent years, governments have been taking UFOs more seriously and they need to become a national security issue. #Tucker

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J McClain says:

No aliens but a ton of demons.

Hugo Eiras says:

"For decades only crackpots and crazy people believed in ufo's". Meanwhile, I bet this man believes in god. lmao

AngeloYT says:

Say if the Government just Started saying UFO's Are real
You know there will always be a psychopath out there who would look and start shooting at them and war will begin

IDK why u guys wanna expose that UFO's are real you guys clearly dont think on the consequences

Jason Miller says:

This is old news to all us UFO fanatics . People wake up if u think we r the only planet that has living beings on it ur all in for a huge surprise lmao

Joe Dabbs says:

Why does the media act so dumb knowing that UFOs always existed and live among us side by side multiple aliens live on earth like the men in black the government kepting area 51 top secert the Pentagon all these top secret societies holding true facts of our past.

C E W says:

Drones and flying squirrels. . . . from Mars 😉

Jossiah Messiah says:

Safety issyou. pause yes

MrAmaceing says:

Seriously.. terrorism, threats… Word dropping fearmonger. Of ALL the thousands of UFO cases we have seen, is their one where they attack first? NO! Don´t by into the fearmongering people. They come in peace people, so should we.

Brandon Crowder says:

They can't tell us the truth religious people will go crazy all over the world got to keep the lie going as long as possible.

Cedric Wright says:

They love 2 follow airplanes….so just look behind airplanes,and u will see em.

Dave McCauley says:

The next war… war with Aliens… it will last a lifetime…profits

Paul Smith says:

Earth is flat

Stephen Pegg says:

One thing I have learned from watching so many programs if you are an alien stay away from USA the protocol still seems to be shoot first ask questions later… I mean what the F are people doing really if ET lands on ones door step even if they are in restricted air space first thing you do is investigate to see if its a threat second thing is give several warnings about being in a restricted area if the life form becomes threatening then you shoot…. Why is it almost any encounter that makes the media is all about killing them thinking its a monster….. Goes to show how far as a species we have come, you hardly if not never hear about this happening in Canada so little so whats so special about the states anyways…. They are so aggressive….. Sorry I feel for other intelligent life if this is all real that they are subjugated to this

Luiz C. ma says:

Hoje q todo mundo tem celular ninguém filmou mais ufos, kd as novas filmagens?

King Willie says:

White people think they’re alien lol ..the true Hebrew people (blacks) know the truth

PhauxtoN says:

A serious defense and national security issue? That's almost funny

MS Khan says:

its 7D holographic decieving agenda… for rise of their Anti Christ…

Mr. ϟKϟ says:

2.6k flat earthers disliked the video

Religious Scammer says:

We all know ufos are real and yes there are several of them… The universe has the chance to accommodate hundreds of millions of alien races that may never come in contact… Any one who don't know yet is still living in ignorance

Keston Richardson says:

Put on god one day something in the shy

Kapst3r says:

Thats a real ufo

Hiraan Palihena says:

So it’s a threat..that’s the gravest mistake humans could make!

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