Weight Loss | Q&A | Surgery ?

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Hey Guys,

I know you all have been waiting for this weight loss video to drop so here it is!!


Why SoAngry says:

Random but I love the way she talks. Perfect for YouTube, tv or motivational speeches

Caitlin Mcdaniel says:

Do you have Snapchat?

Leyan Ayyy says:

When y’all comming back to teen mom?
Like another season

Domoki Kizz says:

Could you possibly link us to your pintrest? This was so inspiring I'd love to follow you and see what your go to Is!

Sharky Splash says:

I like her thick though …..

MJayyTV says:

so did the flat tummy shake it baby not work for u?

Tarzi Reyes says:

I try to do my makeup and hair everyday. Lol It’s true, tho. Looking and feeling a mess plays with your mind.

King Family says:

That's awesome you look great

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