Scientists Shot Neutrons at Everything… Then Nuclear Energy Happened (Part 1 of 3)

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Discussions of nuclear energy and weapons are everywhere today, but how was nuclear fission even discovered?

Part 2 of 3 ft. Physics Girl (!!!) –
Part 3 of 3 –

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A Legacy of Ashes: The Uranium Mines Of Eastern Germany
“They were once shrouded with the secrecy of the Wismut uranium mines, begun in the first fever of Stalin’s drive for atomic weaponry and for years the largest supplier of uranium for Moscow’s nuclear effort.”

Introduction: The Nuclear Age
“The Earth exploded into the nuclear age on 16 July 1945. On that day, the US tested a completely new type of weapon in the New Mexico desert.”

December 1938: Discovery of Nuclear Fission
“Trying to explain a puzzling finding made by nuclear chemist Otto Hahn in Berlin, Meitner and Frisch realized that something previously thought impossible was actually happening: that a uranium nucleus had split in two.”


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pfifo fast says:

too many analogies for me, everyone here understands the basics, what message are you trying to convey? I feel like i have to sit through 5th grade all over again before im allowed to actually enjoy the video.

Number Eight or Nine? says:

Death ray was Japan from my knowledge. They decided to do the death ray because splitting atoms is impossible…

Takeaki Uemura says:

I just finished studying nuclear physics! It's such a interesting field. says:

Can i get a degree in watching science videos?

zapfanzapfan says:

9:06 Not Polonium-239, it's Plutonium-239, Micky's dog is not named Polo, it's Pluto, ok? Uranium, Neptunium, Plutonium, named after the planets, get it!?

S. Smith says:

Every bright and magnificent posible future, even if we make the tecnology, we implement in the most mundane and unremarkable ways for efficiency.

Dakila Lozano says:

fermi? fuera laddug? o fuera kurug?

4 GIVE says:

can we smash nutrinos and anti matter together? what will happen?

Mikes Science says:

So much nerdisms I love it

Peter Amobi says:

What is the difference between neutron and neurons

Shockwave Shockwave says:

What if, we split uranium atoms, while they are in the state of plasma?

40-Year-Old Man says:

Physics study be like

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