Video shows cop, suspect in brawl before shooting

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New video was released Friday showing a struggle between a police officer and a suspect moments before an officer-involved shooting took placer in Oxnard, California last weekend. KCAL’s Chris Holmstrom reports.

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Andi Leigh says:

He deserved to get shot in the arm.

Milton Moore says:

Build that freaking


Beat that POC, POS to death.

israel lion says:

You can’t shoot a person for fighting you

landfair123 says:

At leased he is alive.

Stephen Yount says:

Police officers are not" MMA fighters," nor are they " punching bags." Fight a person with a gun strapped to their waist….get shot.
Kind of like, "touch a hot stove and get burned." Any three-year-old could give you that advice. The arrested should consider himself a lucky man….

dEPh-RO says:

What a loser… next thing we’ll hear is that he was illegally in the U.S. and all the mexicans will drop their tacos to protest that his rights lol were violated … his mom will even come out & say he was a working father … loser! These are the people trump is trying to send back & these are the people protests are coordinated for… no wonder why protests are ignored! I say arrest the people watching & not helping… bums!

jnounan says:

patrol binomial please

veiledallegory says:

Exactly, too bad the shot was off!!!

Logan Riki says:

If you were aware of his history (fighting the police), why didn't you bring in cover units?

Blackjudah says:

As long as your skin color is not black it's try everything else before deadly force is used,, if you are black with a toy gun, death sentence, walking in Walmart with a bb gun, death sentence,, having a concealed carry license, death sentence, all of these death's would have never happened if the skin was not black

malibulx1 says:

cop needs to work on him markmansship……should have been 1 thru the chest!

Trump Won says:

If not for the video the family claims he just walked up and shot this fine upstanding citizen and liberals have another reason to riot

shooter4hire shooter4hire says:

Let me guess the suspect didn't do nothing wrong

James Phony says:

Sending one cop to detain an already violent felon

Noce job mayor……..


If he ran away he didn't have to shoot wtf

Fizzy_B says:

Its justified cops was defending his life

Cameron Wade says:

Please more open borders! Let's babysit everyone from 3rd world countries

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