US vs. China trade war: Who has more to lose?

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Gordon Chang, Daily Beast columnist, and John Rutledge, Safanad CIO, discuss the economic impacts of a trade war on the U.S. and China.


filippo bruno says:

Trade war makes a new alliance birth! A terrible alliance!

Beck Hu says:

Gordon Chang has been a joke for decades.

xuan em says:

fake news bad people, bully chang

吕蒙 says:

The United States is not credible, Trump is not credible.
There is no winner in the trade war

Jason H. says:

The World Bank said China grew 1.1% in 2016? the number published by WB is in fact 6.9%.
WTF? I have never seen anyone dares to publicly make up something that is so easy to fact-check…

trini police says:

when donald trump played the last card, china has no card to play. china will pick out apple and throw it back to america. on the meantime he will fed the huawei and zte with his own big market. american company will be replaced by his domestic company one by one.

Ben Yang says:

For last 40 years, China have been manufacturing low-end and labor-oriented products for America, at the cost of environmental pollution and people's health.
China make big money in USD and buy US treasury bonds, while America, at the top of industry, through technology and IPR protection, make easy money from the world.
i have to say, America have this great strategy, enslave low-end and labor-oriented countries for cheap and fine goods traded with NO COST US dollar, while ask these low-end and labor-oriented countries to buy US treasury bonds to make these countries feel safe and secure. While American people spend this money at NO COST at all, if any economy crisis happen, the Federal Reserve only have to print more US dollar at NO COST.
Now American says they are bullied by China. NON-SENSE!!!

Nina Liu says:

Gordon Chang should end every sentence with SIKE

Griever says:

China market down for 2 reasons:
1 – Chinese are conservative. If there is a trade war, an average Chinese would like to move out from stock market and just be safe for now.
2 – Most majority of Chinese don't invest in stock market. most ppl don't give a fxxk if it crushes or not.

Gabriel Lim says:

Gordon Chang, another Asian-Chinese “Pot calling the Kettle black !”

Kif Hong says:

Why would anyone think China can win the trade war? A bigger, richer, developed, more powerful bully (US) is bullying another bully (China). The US of coz can win…. But honestly, does the result really worth the cost….

Ming Yan says:

I don't think he has been to China. Bias doesn't help to understand any other countries.

yliang1688 says:

Who has more to lose? The idiot puppet Gordon Chang …..

Xinhao Wang says:

when i saw the face of Gordon Chang, i started laughing… with respect. LMAO

peter wind says:

Remember this: the only criterion for deciding whether China wins or loses is if the communist rulers stay in power.

Ven Cheock says:

Consumers will loss…..

Ming Qian says:

Hey, Chang, is.China collasped yet?

J J says:

Gordon must be a Japanese Illegitimate

pohkhui says:

Gordon Clown is the best clown that no economist can ever able to beat him.

wen xiang says:

Trump, we will not be afraid of your raising tariffs on Chinese goods. If you increase the tariff by 25%, our currency will depreciation of 25% to offset the effect. Beat you!!!

Descendant of Dragon says:

if china collapse, the only winner is gordon chang.

Philip Chang says:

Gordon Chan is a hater ! Always fooling people with his biased view on China! U.S will lose the war coz Americans are not benefits from the trade war started by Trump!

Mike Cha says:

I can’t believe Gordon still has gigs these days. Maybe it’s because he is so comical.

Grant Johnston Johnston says:

It's a no brainier .
The US is in a trade war with the rest of the world .

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