Trump mocks criticism of his meeting with Putin

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The president made no mention of election security during his campaign stop in Pennsylvania just hours after his national security officials confirmed Russia is again trying to interfere again.


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Frank Perino says:

Earnest…. the FBI hasn’t come yet….I’m waiting you pitiful POS!

Oliver the crazy cat & his sidekick Jr says:

If you repubs are ok with Trump throwing America under the bus over Russia you are also traitors. Russia/Putin doesnt want to be our friend!! What dont you get??

Frank Perino says:

Ernest….you make me sick…..backing a traitor like Trump! You should be put in jail with The Trump Crime Family!

Joseph DuPont says:

You know the more I hear the major media doing everything in their power to push Russia into an untenable economic and military corner, I have to wonder if they are being punished for no longer being a communist form of government. Oh how they loved Cuba and rarely denounced China polluting the world. Is it just chance that the media is angrier now at today's Russian than when Joseph McCarthy tried to chase them out of powerful positions in Washington,DC. what kind of real military threat can they be with the economy of Italy? They didn't screw up the middle east to make Saudi Arabia happy we did. Russia's biggest crime was to save the lives of non radical Muslims and Christians in Syria, while McCain and Sen.Graham funneled arms to blood thirsty terrorists! I suggest we all read up on the real reason there was a Cuban Missile Crisis! And thank you Putin for kicking Monsanto our of your country. You obviously love your people more than our leaders love us. And thank you Mr. Putin for warning us about the Boston Marathon Bombers. Could it be that People like Communist voter John Brennan hate Russia as traitors to Communist cause?

Frank Perino says:

Earnest Kills….Ha Ha! I really scared! I don’t live in your sick country! I’m a 76 year old woman! Just let them find me asshole!

Luis Lomeli says:

Alpha Omega 65: The Party of God. We are Republicans. Voting for Republicans is like voting for a hidden Putin-Trump partnership that may be threatening our national security and democracy. Putin has something on Trump for a fistful of dollars? Does Putin have something on Trump that may allow Putin to control America and destroy all of our hard earned partnerships in the world including NATO’s? I prefer death than to betray our nation for a fistful of dollars. Why hasn’t Trump shown us his tax returns? Why did Trump meet with Putin alone in private? Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Again, we are Republicans. I am Nathan. If necessary and it may become necessary, I shall die for America to defend the republic from Russia. Voting for Republicans, we protect Trump. If you vote Republican, we will never know the truth to impeach Trump who has made many children orphans. Russians are communists. We are not! Our gross domestic product annually is close to 20 trillion dollars. Russia’s is just 1.5 trillions. Russia wants to destroy us through Trump. When Trump speaks, he sounds like a broken record that repeats itself for his 26% base.

Frank Perino says:

Hei hi….I misunderstood your post….I apologize! I agree with you. Sorry.

Frank Perino says:

Ox Alex…..BTW… must like pecorino cheese….it’s from sheep….you Trumpturds to a T!

Frank Perino says:

Ox Alex…..I’m the last person on earth you should come after… would be stopped by my “ family”! My name is Italian…..get it Pussy?

Frank Perino says:

Hei hi…..your are really ill informed! How can you support sedition by your President? I feel sorry for Americans!

hehi hehihehiho says:

The way cults work is that after a while the cult leaders lose control over their followers and the followers start controlling the the cult leader.

Frank Perino says:

Paloma BS, not SB…’re out of your friggin mind….who brainwashed you?

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