Parents hiring tutors to coach their kids on Fortnite video game

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In a new trend, parents are hiring skilled gamers to coach their children at the widely popular combat video game Fortnite. Wall Street Journal technology reporter Sarah Needleman joins CBSN to discuss why parents are looking to hone their kids’ gaming skills.

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John Mcmahen says:

I play Save The World. The reason the parents don't want their kids to lose is because when some people lose, they say bad words.

ithickPlaysRBLX says:

This is crazy

Elizabeth Anne says:

1:28 what game is that?

AomiN says:

american culture ruining everything, you can't just enjoy the game, can you?
what's sad is that the game is just a cashgrab on microtransactions and they try to make it look like real sport

sadandslow says:

youtube. just literally watch youtube and practice and you will get better.

Alexander Cooper says:

Hurry come out on android fortnite

Denise Davis says:

People, so stupid. Parents are absolutely outrageous. It's a game, friggin idiots.

your daddy says:

going professional in video games is not like sports, getting into the NBA or NFL will keep you there as long as you are still fit and a good player, but with games intrest can decrease to nothing with newer games coming out that the professional player may not be as good or experienced with…its like making a tennis player switch to baseball or cricket.

hermitcrab says:

But what do you want your kids to get when they lose? A participation trophy?

nicks dog says:

This is why world war 3 is going to break out

Elric Gaming / ELGM says:

ok. I’m gonna be honest. There is about 0.5% of player are actully good at the game. The rest are average/below average. If you want to be good play more no one can teach you how to play only you can

Lesly Rosas says:

That’s the old fortnite

Bighead Bob says:

Wth Ian the purpose of this video .-.

Xavier Ivory says:

Traps are gay


It is a mix of Minecraft and call of duty ??? It is nothing like those game

Max Minecraft says:

Shut up and mined your bs

Estradist says:

yes, fortnite is a very athletic sport.

SuPeR Mate says:

my man is a rust lord, probably why he screams because he cant do his take the L emote in time before they stop spectating

Mohammed Al-Hazmy says:

How peopel still watching main stream media??? They are so stupid and lame

rough rough says:

Dumb fake news to promote business kids can easily figure out the game and other new technology better than any experts

luck myst3r says:

Oh mer gerd children like something thats new. Lets paint it in a bad light so it dies out quicker

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