i quit juuling (first day of nicotine withdrawals)

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i filmed the first 24 hours of my nicotine withdrawal


LyricSquad says:

I stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking crack instead.

Jamey Summers says:

Really all you have to do is make it 4 days, and it gets soooooo much easier. I'm on day 5 of a 25 year cigarette/ lozenge habit withdrawal. If I can do it, anyone can.

Autumn Newman says:

I wanna be your friend

Amaan Sameer says:

I always said I wanted to quit I never did until I flushed it down my toilet

Kyle Griffith says:

watched this while frantically hitting all my empties trying to find one that had some left… can't wait to wake up and want to fucking DIE tomorrow lmao

Samuel Smith says:

im in the same situation as u af

TheRandomChannel313 says:

You're stoopid. And nothing but a follower like all the rest of your lost generation

1323GamerTV says:

Jesus Christ man

Annette Huppatz says:

Hey, if this doesn't work you might find yourself better off using patches or gum and step down more slowly. Good luck.

SubtomicNoob says:

Ew I don’t like you

McKayla Corinne says:

I definitely relate to your description of withdrawal lol

Colton Hanson says:

Take kratom tht shit takes like all the symptoms away

Angie Ginnane says:

I was rooting for u

sean oloan says:

I am confusion

sean oloan says:

Why would you quit juicing all together. I've never taken nicotine but I do have non nicotine juices

Mason _______________ says:

Your fucking nasty

Saba Rezvani says:

honestly juul is so addictive. you got this. stay away from friends who use nic for like a month or two. throw out everything (like any half empty pods) so you’re not reminded of juul, phix, and cigs. GOOD LUCK!!❤️

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