Chris Wallace interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin

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Putin dismisses claims of Russian interference in the 2016 election, says Russia would react negatively to the expansion of NATO, blames terrorists for civilian casualties in Syria.

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stella miller says:

I think Putin looks handsome and I enjoy listening to him. I am a Canadian and hope we can all find happiness and peace on earth for all …

Richard warren says:

Now we see what Obama and Hillary did for 8 years, nothing good!

Joseph DuPont says:

You know the more I hear the major media doing everything in their power to push Russia into an untenable economic and military corner, I have to wonder if they are being punished for no longer being a communist form of government. Oh how they loved Cuba and rarely denounced China polluting the world. Is it just chance that the media is angrier now at today's Russian than when Joseph McCarthy tried to chase them out of powerful positions in Washington,DC. what kind of real military threat can they be with the economy of Italy? They didn't screw up the middle east to make Saudi Arabia happy we did. Russia's biggest crime was to save the lives of non radical Muslims and Christians in Syria, while McCain and Sen.Graham funneled arms to blood thirsty terrorists! I suggest we all read up on the real reason there was a Cuban Missile Crisis! And thank you Putin for kicking Monsanto our of your country. You obviously love your people more than our leaders love us. And thank you Mr. Putin for warning us about the Boston Marathon Bombers. Could it be that People like Communist voter John Brennan hate Russia as traitors to Communist cause?

Joel De Aza says:

don't know much about Chris Wallace, or nothing at all. but his definitely on the left which its odd that he works at fox but then again,  fox has opened the doors to some democrat. that been said this guy  should be working on cnn, so unprofessional its embarrassing.

Dixie Shuffler says:

Damn Wallace, i think u could've gotton his dic a little further down your throat, u weak kneed America hating piece of thrash.

Michael Öster says:

Putin is absolutely right. Russians can´t influence Americans for anything. Why not just admit the truth that it was us Finnish that got Donald Trump elected. To prevent nuclear war between your countries. Which surely had occurred with Hillary Clinton.

Chen Zian says:

This is embarrassing. I am tired and BORED of hearing this investigation bull. Why the F**K are you talking to Putin about this investigation stuff?

Jeff Brock says:

Wallace is another bought and paid for fake media bullshitter

Ross Lusby says:

putin is actually a true statesman!! he makes most world leaders look like idiots.

Кирилл Костин says:

It's funny to see american normies glorifying Putin. You would not like such a president if he came to power in the US. Both liberals and conservatives know nothing about real Putin

Arun Thomas says:

TBH Putin is actually respected in US.

M. D. says:

Chris Wallace, once again, making Fox look bad. Maybe that's just his purpose, though.

Peter Edy Priyanto says:

Meanwhile, according to young turks says that wallace wins

Chris Robertson says:

You know, I get the impression from the USA and the UK that they need to keep the rest of the world or at least their citizens to hold Russia as the number one enemy as if Russia has been acting as though at any moment the Russians will drop bombs on the UK and the US which, by the way, the entire World sees otherwise so why keep this up? Putin has been begging to hold serious talks with both the US and the UK for discussions towards world peace for years, yet both the US and the UK refuse to hold serious discussions. In the meantime President Putin is rebuilding his country single handedly.

Rules of Survival Skankhunt1 EditionX 1st Place says:

Putin is not a president no more he down graded to Dictator

ExpressAudioVideo says:

How rude for a journalist to be constantly interrupting the president of a major country. Wallace should try to come across as an objective journalist interested in uncovering the truth. Instead, I am tempted to put him in the same category as that moron at Britains' Channel 4 who kept trying to put words into the mouth of Jordan Peterson during that viral interview.

Alexey Slobukho says:

Putin never answers a question clearly and directly. That's his style – he gives you a whole load of bullshit of all sorts in hope to make it look like a detailed answer, but he never adresses the issue and he NEVER gets to the point directly. So, for those who consider him a strong leader, let me tell you (being a Russian), this guy is all talk and no action.

what happenedbeotch??? TRUMP2020 says:

Wallace is a douchebag

Lo Miller says:

I did not listen to this interview. I'm just not a fan of Chris Wallace. He's just too rude.

Ronnie Tee says:

Wallace thought he had the "GOTCHA CARD" at 5:05 and Putin just laughs haha! Then he tries to hand it to him and Putin just sits there lmao! Just put it on the table boy scout!!

FarFromEquilibrium says:

Wallace is very sheepish and pathetic looking in his body language. I think the reason these types hate Putin so much is because he sees through them and isn't so pathetic like they are. He makes them feel very inferior and insecure.

tribexa says:

I probably shouldn't, but the thought just occurred….what if Putin was to sing Beenie man's "Who Am I..(who got the keys to my b'mer)"

Virtuozzo! says:

hey americunt pieces of trash you are tolking to the leader of the sane world .DAmn i really hate americans!

mrearlygold says:

that was more of an interrogation than an interview.

John Jose says:

Kremlin always hire idiots

Raoul Sombrero says:

Wallace deserves some credit for asking the tough questions expected from Journalists. Putin probably expected a lot less from a TV network suggested by Donald Trump.

Trevor Willett says:

Putin is too cool. Maybe if my country doesn't re-elect a teenage girl 2019 we will get to party with the cool guys. Chris Wallace, if your goal was to embarrass yourself…. Success!

Trend Loba says:

Russian elect president Trump

Trend Loba says:

America is attack by the Russians Your choose and your vote is Russian

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