MRK II GALAHAD Battling In Champion League Beacon Rush | War Robots

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I haven’t used the Galahad much for good reason. But I thought id try it out. Another old robot that had a whole era. I remember when the Galahad and Lancelot were the 2 best robots in the game. Wasn’t my favourite era but the Galahad was still a great bot. I tried the classic Taran/Magnum build and a storm gust build. Enjoy!

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lobo pedro Colniza says:

Si inscreva no meu canal lobo pedro colniza

zBruno Plays ツ says:


Edgar fuigueroa. war says:

You are an excellent player men bn by the old school

SteNkez2003 Cath says:

WOW Best Galahad gameplay ever!!!!! you truely are the PREDATOR keep up the great content!! BEST PILOT IN THE HOLE OF WAR ROBOTS????? LIKE =YES

[BR] Games Luan [WR] says:

PREDATOR foi ótimo no torneio, matou muito e sempre en primeiro lugar, fiquei impressionado, parabems.

Mayur Burte says:

In design Galahad looks awesome

Nitheesh N L says:

This predator boy is getting better and better in every videos nowadays.

zeet zeet says:

Who is the nightmare of all SPECTRE on no GALAHAD

zeet zeet says:

Yeeeees you read my comment and the video is right there

The Immortal Soldier says:

I really loved your gameplay 🙂

Alexander Teplukhin says:

Hi! Can you make galahad punishers test?

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