Illustrator: Mascot Logo Design Tips – Beginner MUST KNOWS

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Video Description: In this video I try my hardest in 3 different examples, in about 30 minutes to help really create a subject matter of tips to creating great mascot logos. I used examples of designers in my Discord, that were recent and all had something different to show and get help with.

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Charlson Engada says:

About the housing at 17:50 , can the 'offset path' option can do that work?

chaser says:

bro you motivating me so much, keep going! love your videos, best!

Hassan Nauman says:

bro should i get abode illustrator cs6 or cc 2018

Roger Pantil says:

Do more videos like this, I actually learned a lot. Thanks 😀

Ang0 says:

What is the thumbnail's font?

SOS says:

Idk how but this vid was uploaded 1 day ago and i got notifacated 10 mins ago

Accent says:

Thanks for the help man! I really appreciate it 🙂

Accent says:

YESSSS haha you used my helmet design! (I'm clickin)

Nang Lian Suum says:

Thanks man!

Gabriel Math says:

Do you use real life images and pictures as a inspiration to create a logo? if so, can you make a video teaching how to extract detail from those pictures (ex: a picture of a elephant face turned into a logo just like the second one or other angles, like the third one in the video)

Thunder Skull says:

perfect video for mascot learning. thank you sir

ALDO says:

Why need a mascot logo course when u have seso?

Ed On Couch says:

Linework, linework, linework

KaiDo GAmes says:

Great video ^^
More videos like this will be awesome ! waiting for your next one !
Keep up the good work bro ^^

Nix Concepts says:

Thank you for this video dude, I think we need more videos like this! Keep up man, love your work

Anthony DZN says:

ayee finally out

Seso says:

Be sure to like/share the video around.

This is prob the best example I can give at the moment in really teaching mascot designs to people who haven't connected the bridges yet. |

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