Donnie Does Advertising For The Amish

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We sent our one and only Donnie Does to Youngstown not only to make the anthem of the summer: The Rough N Rowdy Anthem (link below), we also asked that he get some locals to make an appearance. He uses his expert advertising skills and makes big waves in a certain community.

The Rough N Rowdy Anthem:

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TheRedneckrappers says:

Donnie you're barstools last hope

themrjones says:

3:283:29 closes the cash box, LMFAO.

Jetsfreak77 says:

Donnie is the best

Josh Pasek says:

even the horses listen to the goat

Ryan Holritz says:

Most horse power I’ve seen in a long time

Tyler Gabel says:

More Donnie

Ryan Craven says:

How can you order it

Evan Kindrachuk says:

I wish Donnie was my Dad

Hutch says:

Looks like if they don’t know how to speak Chinese you don’t know how to talk to people

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