Kyrie Irving’s Best Crossovers With The Boston Celtics | 2018 NBA Season

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Check out Kyrie Irving’s best crossovers from the 2017-2018 NBA Season.

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NBA Section says:

All those crossovers, just to end up with a season ending knee injury… Irving should use a less knee bending moves in 18/19

Prithvi Sundar says:

This dude is just a monster at handles and dunks

Jermarius Veasey says:

Man is no joke handle legend

Lilrick96 says:

I honestly don't know how you can get crossed or ankles broken, like sheesh

King M says:

Best ball handler the league has ever seen. Tied with AI… maybe

Vibezz says:

Im a GSW fan and there is no doubt Kyrie has the best handle and finishing ability as a PG ..

Hector Cabrera says:

That boy nice

Joshuar Lamar says:

Crosses on Dennis Smith Jr?

Sleepysnorlax 1231 says:

The Celtics court be like an ice rink, if you know what I mean

Sleepysnorlax 1231 says:

Kyries mom be like n***er where yo manners at, don't be rude, think about all those sore ankles

Steezer Sauce says:

Ima put it like this:
Even IF Kyrie isn’t the best pg in the league I’m sure even the haters can agree that he’s top three the other two being curry and Westbrook,
We have:
A prime Curry..30 years old
A prime Westbrook..29 bout to be 30
A not in Prime Kyrie..26
So Even if Kyrie wasn’t better than them and he’s just what and what with them for him to not be in his prime and still what and what with two of the goat Pg says something about his goat status

Brandan Kearney says:

Seven dislikes are from the lakers

SportingMinds says:

Half of these ain’t even cross overs lol

SupremeJ Prod says:

The new King of the EAST

Mallymal ATL says:

He did curry nasty

soulinthefrijol says:

Kyrie so fun to watch, mannn

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