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Thank you for everything. I love you guys.

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Love you guys 🙂



stephanie marshall says:

Sorry your not where you want to be

Jem4u90 says:

So I had surgery over a year ago. I started traveling, dating, living and with all that came eating. I was going into a deep whole of letting my addiction take over again I had days when all I did was eat Doritos and other days when I didn’t eat. It’s terrible and it happens, I started doing real research on how Keto can change my mental health and I know diets are good but Keto has officially changed my life! I no longer feel anxiety to the point where all I do is compare myself to everyone, I feel my energy go up, I’ve lost weight. But most importantly I’m enjoying the way I’m eating. My point is not that you should do Keto my point is that you need to find a lifestyle that works for you bc food and the way we take care of ourselves really affects our mental health and in turn weight loss. I do a work in the mental health field so I know it’s hard from what I’ve studied but also from experience so feel free to reach out. Thank you for being you and remember it’s a life struggle you haven’t failed you just fell now it’s time to get up! Good luck love!

Jessica T says:

I use to be a skinny fitness size 4 blogger .. and I went thru a traumatic experience and gained 90 lbs. I hate how I look now because people are telling me I should love myself. My body reminds me of the pain why should I love this ? You’re not alone . Im afraid to blog my experience so I just keep it to myself

Olive Tree RNY says:

Thank you thank you! I just discovered you – this video was so helpful. As hard as this has been to make, your video with all your raw honesty is so so real and helpful. I don’t feel alone. It’s hard to find people that “get it” when it comes to the weirdness of how our brains can be so disconnected from our bodies. This disharmony can be so negative and damaging if we let it.

You are strong, inspirational, and a beautiful person. Thank you…..

Jacqueline Sandoval says:

I had my gastric sleeve 2 years ago and never lost more than 60 lbs.  I get so depressed sometimes but I keep fighting.  I wanted to get tummy tuck because I cant afford it. I see your videos and I get motivated to better myself.  I think you look beautiful but your sincere attitude make you awesome!  Thank you. Jax

Brenda T says:

thx 4 this video I'm 10 weeks out of bypass and I've been in a stall for 30 days and the scale has not moved at all..im so depressed so I decided I'm not going to check the scale for 2 weeks and that's a longggg time for me. I've lost 40 pounds in 10 weeks and I should be happy but I'm not ..i know I shouldn't have anxiety about it cause everyone says stalls are normal but it has really nessed me up..i just hope it moves soon…again thx for the video

The End says:

You look beautiful allso with the wig you remind me of kim k west…please dont be offended. I think she is beautiful allso

WLS Delight says:

I just discovered your channel today and totally connected with so much of what your shared. I'm 16 years post op. I'm thankful every day for this tool, but there have been plenty of struggles along the way. I'm still learning, growing and becoming a stronger person in this journey and find videos like yours very helpful. Thank you for being so honest and open! I'm looking forward to your next video.

Mai mansour says:

I want you to make more videos about your mental health.. cos you just say what i can't say

callie richardson says:

Your not a failure. Live your life. No one is perfect. Your doing awesome and you look amazing. The only opinion that matters is your own.

Plumbing Inspector Contractor says:

I don't understand why this chick thinks anyone cares about this nonsense

Amanda Athanas says:

Intermittent Fasting and Keto will give u control again. Watch videos by Dr. Eric Berg here on You Tube.

EDIT: Don’t worry if u can’t do one meal a day. Two or three with no snacks will work with ur sleeve. The best thing to do is start by skipping breakfast (I know that’s the opposite diet advice from what they started telling ppl in the ‘70’s when General Mills had a lot of cereal to sell. But look where spiking our insulin upon waking got us. A fat nation.)

velvet wolf says:

I started my weight loss journey around the same time as you and your videos really helped to motivate me. I only ended up loosing around 62 lbs but I recently gained back 20. It feels like I am stuck in a repetitive cycle of counting calories then binge eating. I wish I could finish and reach my goal because I was very close but now I feel like I can't.

The Biblio Frog says:

You’re so beautiful, on the outside, but more than that you are beautiful on the inside too, the fact you’re putting your vulnerability on the internet in hopes that you can help someone else proves that. I’m waiting to be approved for surgery so watching all your videos has really genuinely helped, because you show all sides of it, not just the easy bits.
I think most people that get to the size we’ve gotten to have problems with anxiety or other forms of mental illness, and we turn to food to help, obviously I still have a really long way to go, but I’ve found meditation helps my anxiety a lot. Take care of yourself and focus on how you feel not on comparison. You’re absolutely perfect as you are. X

Chelsea Nichole says:

girl. the wig looks bomb! i've been following you for over 2 years now & you're always put together 🙂 xo

Jennifer Mitchell says:

Also you are not alone. Realizing that perfection is not attainable kind of helps me cope with the fact that I am not perfect in a way. It’s weird but EVERYONE has insecurities. We are all made in the image of God and that is where I try to get my value from. He fulfills that void and helps me see the bigger picture.

Blu Persuasion says:

You haven’t let anyone down and even if someone says so the only thing that matters is that you don’t let yourself down. You’re beautiful inside and out.

Alove4Beauty says:

Beautiful god bless you you ARE AMAZING!!

NaTasha1983 says:

that wig is bomb on you omg!!!

Danielle Chol says:

You are so beautiful! I watched you before I had my VSG and now I'm 2 years out and I still love watching your videos! Thank you for always being vulnerable! You are so beautiful and touch many people!

LikeAStar says:

Honestly, you can not put that much pressure on yourself and I know it’s hard because you have a following but if your followers can’t understand that you are human and will have ups and downs the. They should unfollow you! I’m still early on in my journey only 4 months out and it’s been hard, we have to stop ourselves and be happy for the things in the moment. I remember before surgery I told myself I wouldn’t care if I stayed at 200 forever because that would be almost 80lbs off my body, now I’m at 205 and have had to stop myself from gettin upset about the fact that I’m not out of the 200s yet. It’s such a process and dealing with the food addiction is an everyday struggle

Dori's VSG journey says:

I had no idea it was a wig! You look like Kim Kardashian.
Thanks for the openness

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