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In Waller County, Houston SPCA Investigator Debbie Michielson is horrified to discover a herd of emaciated horses and an owner apparently unwilling to help them. The team decides to take immediate action before it’s too late to save the horses. In Houston, Investigator Maverick Wagner has to act quickly when he responds to a report concerning an injured dog and arrives on the scene to find a German Shepherd with a serious leg wound. Elsewhere, the team face one of their toughest challenges yet when they have to carry out a rescue of livestock from a farm during a heatwave.

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Klara Theresa says:

Great work you are doing for all these animals!
I hope all horses are as fine as possible. Perhaps you know the organisation Prince Fluffy Kareem in Kairo, but they help horses, donkeys and dogs etc. and sometimes they have horses which are much skinnier than Moon. It's amazing how strong these animals are!
Keep doing your amazing work! <3

Alexis Robacker says:

Before I watched I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. Now I know.

jj Jones says:

I'm glad people are taking care of these good animals

Hades Daughter says:

I hope the woman with the German shepherd was not in to deep of trouble. She was trying to do what she could for a dog that is not hers.

HeyItsKristen says:

Who the hell hired that woman in the green shirt when they were checking on the donkey? The donkey is abused and frightened and she thinks it's a good idea to yank on the lead rope and the donkey's face when it's trying to get away. Yeah, that seems like a good idea…let's help this abused donkey with more abuse. Other than that I love everyone on this show and admire their drive to help animals big and small.

Amber Jeffries says:

That lady know damn well she was lying ik that was her dog she know she ain’t wanna go to jail

adds jo says:

the livestalk owners are illegal from mexico, they always treat animals bad. these people know no laws because in mexico they have no law

Weirdfunnywolf says:

These videos warm my heart and restore my faith in humanity

Indie The Indominus Rex says:

My God…


kait0930 kait0930 says:

I don’t know how these animals survive these conditions

Randomized says:

I love watching this show because it gives me hope in the world. Thank you for saving lives.

samasia skipperable says:

What on earth happened to Charles Jansen? He’s desperately thin. Is his health okay?

jydeinden says:

you dont know what to do?? If you see a animal in pain you take it to the vet, if you cant pay for the help the dog needs then surrender the dog to some one that can… its really damn easy

Luna Wolf892 says:

Those poor horses……….also these animals need a spa day! I’ll get the nail polish 😀

Logan Nichols says:

They should throw all of the owners of these animals in a cage with no food or water and shove a metal spiked pole up their assholes.

Fluffy Johnson says:

Given how bulls can be… I have to ask what in tarnation they intended for that calf.

StacyBirchrock says:

BILLIES (goats)

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