18 Months Weight-loss Surgery Update

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Hey guys!

Here is my 18 month weight-loss surgery update video! In this video I tell you about what my life is like after having weight-loss surgery. I talk plastic surgery, anxiety issues, body dysmorphia, and maintaining weight-loss.I want to thank you guys so much for your constant love and support.

I Hope you guys enjoy this video! I love you guys!


– Drew

I had a SLEEVE GASTRECTOMY! See my story! https://youtu.be/ZVEnf25ueQA

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Portia Coram says:

Do you have dry mouth issues now?

Kansas Gilleo says:

Im so happy for you!!!

CrissyPixiePrincess * says:

Hey drew one more thing girl you look great I know it seems like you need to be hard on yourself to stay on track but just take a moment to breath and enjoy and celebrate all of the very hard work you have put into your journey just pause for a second and ponder on that. Thanks for the inspiration girl looking forward to seeing more videos

CrissyPixiePrincess * says:

Hey congrats you look great I'm glad you brought up the hormonal issues because I have a lot of issues with my hormones now and my ob and endocrinologist said once I have to surgery all my hormones should go to normal levels

The Velvet Lounge says:

Start LIVING whether or not you are approved. Wear your skin as a badge of honor. You look AMAZING❗❗❗✌

Ana says:

You look amazing already! Good luck.I️ hope everything goes good for you!

Kolorful Kalmele says:

You look great Drew! Such a very nice video!  I’ve been checking out your channel and really like your content.  I’m a new follower here and hope we can support each other.  I’m looking forward to your future videos!  Much Love!

jeanette antoniello says:

You're beautiful inside and out!!! Thoughts and prayers for you and whatever God has planned out for you, you will SHINE! XO

317askme says:

Way to go. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story with us. I pray that you get approved for you skin removal surgery. Hang in there girl…you look fantastic!!!

rose609 says:

You look fabulous

DreamALittleDream WithMe says:

Your surgery day was the day my daughter was born XD

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