Will Putin be Trump’s downfall?

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It’s been more than a year since Special Counsel Robert Mueller began his investigation into whether the Trump campaign worked with Russia to sway the result of the 2016 election.

While the relationship between the U.S. and Russia seems to get ever closer – there are divides across Congress, and across America.

Our U.S. correspondent Cordelia Lynch hears both sides in this special report.

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Shaun Alexander says:

i liked his immigration stance on illegals and Syrians! but now i can see this guy is deeply compromised ! He must be removed!

Jim Battersbee says:

Trump will be Trumps downfall. How stupid are Americans to have elected this repugnant lying maggot?

Dmytro Bozhko says:

Putin is the main terrorist and huilo. Crimea annexation and war in Ukraine are putins actions. What about MH17? How it possible to run such type of weapons without russion officials?

mikecar52 says:

yes, if the world is lucky.

Riteshya meenakanam says:

Only 28% Brit trust their media.

Steven Fraser says:

Freudian Slip

TruInk Tru Ink says:

If Putin did interfere he must have made Hillary lie and delete emails, and make shady deals through her clinton org.

Richard Sci says:

Why do these networks waste time on useless hypothetical, made-up scenarios?

They instead should be talking about the great achievements of Trump as president.

Robert Lind says:

Putin is a slave of the Russian Jewish Oligarchs, he must obey his masters.

Dewey Hudson says:

So what if Russia meddled in the election? What does that change? What has Trump been charged with? This BS is just all about the Liberal Media & Democrats. What good is it?

Donald Trump says:

Sky News is fake news and very very stupid accent if I might add. Learn to speak english god Damnit.

laila lilabad says:

Trump on right path ,# and stop these idiots embarrassing themselves on front world bad reputation for USA lies manipulation ;;;;;;;;;;#(

Stefania Terzi says:

SHUMMER shoemaker is a notorious Pedophile!!!!!!!!!!!

Martin Rangel says:

A serious question: is Sarah Sanders getting fatter?

James Gill says:

no Putin will not be President Trumps downfall, in fact the President will win the 2020 elections because he does what he promise his voters not like our shower that do not give us Brexit I wish we had a Trump to run our country

Emma says:

The republicans, and Trump, are gaslighting democrats

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