Protests continue after no charges filed in fatal Minneapolis police shooting

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Thurman Blevins “represented a danger to the lives of” the officers, thereby making the shooting “authorized” under state law, Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman said in a statement.


Richard Clark says:

"There is a lot of work to be done with the police department, to foster a better relationship with people in the African American community". Screw you lady. Tell ya boys' to stop making shit music that calls for killing cops, or "fuck da police". Hmmmm…that may be a good start for the AA community.

jh h says:

Cops Did A Good job

Derek T. says:

Quick question who the fuck live streams while someone is dying

DumbBoyChronicles says:

All lives matter .

Aldo Sosa says:

Are these protesters seeing a different body cam video from the one I'm seeing?

William Lee says:

I believe all lives matter and police should definitely be held accountable to their actions. So in this case I say to the two police officers – good job and thank you for doing whats needed to be done.

LaughingMan says:

I couldnt stop cackling at the last bit of gurgling the dumb fuck gave before slipping his mortal coil.
Darwin thanks you.

Darth Jesus says:

Guy guns from police then pulls gun on cop, gets shot.

ABC airs interview footage of "We see cases of cops shooting unarmed black over and over again."

Then equates it to when a black police officer shoots an unarmed white woman and faces chargers for murder.

People don't care about context. Nice "journalism".

Jonas Pell says:

The only reason why anyone cares about this worthless POS is because he was black

steve tafe says:

is it a good idea to reveal the identities of the police? will they be safe from the left wing mob now?

K Elm says:

I think all your comments would’ve been almost the same, even if he didn’t have a gun.

Clear Picture Media says:

I hate it when they protest when it's clearly obvious that the guy was a threat. You only hurt your position when you pick it every shooting no matter what. This guy had it coming. The guy in the car had it coming. He announced he had a gun and then went to grab it when he was told not too. If I have a cop training his gun on me, I'm doing everything he says or I expect to be shot. Figure it out assholes!

yeetus that fetus says:

Bullshit black lives don't matter this only protects thugs

Moving Forward says:

Slow mo…. Do you see a gun? No . The man is sitting when they come up. No matter what the officers put child or children, and woman in danger. They could have clearly had wrong man. And never should have approached screaming with aggressive tone. There should have been better education, training. They could have kept man in veiw until clear. Every time someone runs down road w gun and shooting, it is endagering lives of community. I understand officers fear. That is why they did not use logical, human behavior when trying to find suspect. Communicating with anyone is a must. The way police behave, even talking to community is usually in the TV. Citizen's fear police. Train, educate, better each police officer, in crisis intervention, crisis situations, mental illness in adults and teens. If you want Change bring the information and examples of change. Noone should have to be approached in this manner, especially a small child on a street corner. Another human life lost because another human didn't have the knowledge to correctly handle a 911 call. Thanks police for all your work. Please want to be better for your self and your community by change.

Valansch says:

Fuck this narative. The cops did everything right. You should be ashamed to put it the way you did.

daimon hellstrom says:

It simply doesnt matter how many times this happens blacks are too stupid to learn. They have the same intelligence level as a 6 year old Asian kid. They will keep doing this over and over and over and blaming everyone else but themselves.

RedrumZombies says:

4:25 That's because of who commits the most violent crimes. Actual statistics.
WAS HIS GUN LEGAL!? How he kept the gun seemed sloppy. Doesn't seem like someone who has the license to conceal carry.

RedrumZombies says:

1- Was the gun legal?
2- Didn't seem like he had a proper gun holster.
3- Why run? You aren't getting away…

The End says:

Vile THUG…  Of course, no black man would shoot at police, rape someone or even kill another black man, right?

Third Reich says:

Stop running from the cops and you won’t get shot you dumb apes

aprilia addict says:

He was as dumb as all the people protesting his death

Saulo Joel Chang says:


Stone Trellis says:

This right here is exactly why nobody who works for a living, the average taxpayer, gives a shit about the foolish "movement" called "Black Lives Matter". They know it's just a political stunt aimed at creating a world where blacks can commit crimes unhindered without fear or repercussions. All law-abiding citizens instinctively recognize the folly of this line of thought and reject it explicitly. Nobody cares about these protests or the dead piece of shit.

Lil 4 Gdk says:

Fuck the cops

fullm3tal90 says:

Heeee didn’t dooooo nufffffinnnnn

Mike Brown says:

sorry no race card here he had a gun . rather If it was falling from his waistband and he grab it and what what it seems like turn back towards them ..that was a bad idea , he had many of chances to stop

ZzMac1996zZ2 says:

He brought that on himself

AvGeek says:

He had a gun, he ran, he got shot, he got what he deserved

t500010000 says:

Lol if I told a cop to leave me alone, I would not be shocked if they did not omg

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