Minneapolis officials brace for demonstrations police shooting

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Prosecutor Mike Freeman announced the officers who shot and killed Thurman Blevins, who was seen running from them on body-cam video with a loaded semiautomatic handgun, will not face charges.


douglas carpenter says:

Now he's a good Democrat.

Sheldon Winston says:

I'm black and after watching this video I have to say that even tho it is unfortunate that this man lost his life he kinda brought it on himself. If these cops were racist they would've popped him on sight instead of chasing him and giving him a chance to put his hands up. There are alot of unjustified killings caught on camera but this ain't one of them.

Emc Mario says:

Wtf NO “we want these officers arrested”???? HE CLEARLY HAD A GUN STUPID

Darren Nicholas says:

Was this dude special needs? Why didn’t he just comply? Wtf are people marching for?

n0ka says:

it's funny that the cops always get away with it, they let officials off with DUI etc and the officials then let the officers off, they always use the scared tactic, but in this case its hard to say, he could have shot the cop

Olboync24 says:

Nah i dont know about this one , dude is running wit a loaded gun , shouldve tossed it in there sight , threw his hands up

Gabriel Bizzlebop says:

Black people ruining minnasota as well smh.

Gabriel Bizzlebop says:

Media is the real eneny. Trying to stir up controversy.

joel H says:

1000% Justified. These officers did far more than their call of duty. They gave him every chance you could imagine; they had a conversation even. If it had been me, I would have started shooting as soon as I saw a gun

Heavy J says:

………. fuck I gotta gun…… why in the HELL would I drop it and stop running??? I loved it when the family tried to repeat what the cops were yelling at the idiot……. their version is MADE FOR TV ignorant, and not one time did the FAMILY tell that choc NOT to be stupid with a handgun…. umm umm ummm pretty close family their…

Dan TheMan says:

he a victum , he dindu nuthin

brc028 says:

Only it wasn’t murder you dumb shit

Shawn Johnson says:

I'm black now what the fuck man u can see the gun and why the future k are you running wtf stop being stupid fuck

canopeaz says:

It's such a shame that he hadn't seen the "How to Not get your ass kicked by the police" video by Chris Rock. We are losing a whole generation of young black men because they have not seen this video. It needs to be shown in our communities and schools.

Bryce Suwoop says:

We want the cops arrested for murder… lmao nig should have dropped the gun

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