North Korea Still Secretly Producing Missiles | NBC Nightly News

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Arms control experts tell NBC News a July 7th satellite photo shows three heavy-duty truck, indicating North Korea is building long-range missiles at a plant outside Pyongyang, often visited by Kim.
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North Korea Still Secretly Producing Missiles | NBC Nightly News


Honor Thyself says:


T says:

I wouldn't be surprised

Sonny Mars says:

Lololol. Bump

SHOzFST says:

How is it a secret if you’re reporting it?

ghost walk says:

At least the US government doesn't do things "secretly"

James Ladd says:


Beverly Huttinger says:

Trump is really holding back from verbally attacking Kim and North Korea! He has not said one bad thing about North Korea since his meeting with Kim.

truthseekers says:


Bored asf MTTM says:

We need to take north korea

ѕarcaѕιc ĸlυтz says:

norтн ĸorea only мade aмendѕ wιтн ѕoυтн ĸorea ѕo тнey coυld нave one allιe.

Ben Bravo says:

Surprise? No!

Whitegirlasianpenis. com says:

a few days ago they sent back a little tiny box said to be contained american war remains, i bet kim jong un took a pile of poop in it and send it back, americans are stupid they will believe anything and probably bring it back to their country to celebrate

sorrowsuperstar10 says:

WOW…look at me ….IM SHOCKED!

richie rhodes says:

i think trumps been trumped

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