North Korea is working on new missiles: report

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Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) discusses the reports that North Korea is developing new missiles and why his district doesn’t support Senator Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” health care plan.


Philip Fontaine says:

To say they ARE still developing nukes and then to say they MIGHT is misleading. Should we bomb them ? Really , how can we take you seriously ?

Phoenix # says:

Kennedy is anti-Trump crap. Who leaked this supposed intelligence report? Will Kennedy and Fox producers be prosecuted for publishing leaked intelligence — just as they propose to do to Julian Assange??

TheSir says:

Now's the time to say we tried everything 🙂

Kie Dan says:

So what they are not conquered or defeated by the yank empire they can do what the fuck they want within the law, fuck off yankee pedophiles don't the israelis have some arabs they want you to murder

UNFNS - says:

2:57 “That’s right baby” ??

Kurt Boulter says:

Intelligence Officials? That is an oxymoron! Why no names? Head of a department? Deputy director? No one at all willing to actually put their name to this "report"? No? Then why are you spreading this crap that could easily destabilise any gains made with Rocket Man and President Trump? You are not doing the handiwork of the left are you? Spreading "unnamed sources"?

Steven Morris says:

China must have went "all in" giving NK missile tech.

Bobby Waller says:

Why would intelligent agencies tell any news source ANYTHING?! Isn't that leaking and ILLEGAL!?

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