Homeschool HIGH SCHOOL Curriculum Choices 2018-2019 | Sonlight, Biology, Japanese, Art & More!

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In today’s homeschool vlog I’m sharing our homeschool high school curriculum choices for this upcoming 2018-2019 homeschooling year! My 10th grader is doing Sonlight Core 300 focusing on 20th Century World History. Sonlight curriculum core 300 includes Biographies & Historical Fiction, Bible / Apologetics, 20th Century Literature, and Language Arts which includes literary analysis, creative writing, research, and essay skills, with weekly writing assignments in a range of lengths and topics.

For homeschool math, he’s using Saxton math (shown in another homeschool haul vlog, but not in this one). For homeschool sciences, he’s doing 10th-grade biology. And for electives, he’s doing foreign language (Rosetta Stone Japanese) and high school art. He’s also doing lots of traveling and sightseeing in the coming year so that goes along with homeschool learning, too!

Much of this he’ll be able to do independently and I’ll check in, discuss, and guide as needed.


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Shesacamper 1 says:

This is going to be another fun learning school year for you and your children. Your curriculum is great and your enthusiasm will be infectious to your kiddos, they will be so eager to learn. Great video Jamerrill. You are a wonderful, excellent mom/teacher!

A House Full says:

Yayyyy. Excited to watch

Cassandra Lingerfelt says:

Does that give him a diploma or he still has to get a GED? Just curious no judgement. Good job mama

stephanie turpen says:

Too bad you cant do a video interviewing your husband and older kids about being in a large family homeschooling and ect.

Michelle Sunshinestar says:

My sister hated our high school so she did Klan laura? spelling. I had that much reading in high school, so home school might not have been better for me. I'm such a slow reader, I spent all my time studying, and I was sleep deprived. I was stuck in remedial math and I barely passed science. I did not have fun. I was better at English, but like I said I was a slow reader. I did graduate though.

LaNina Wyatt says:

Go supermom . Organizations

Countess of Low Carb says:

Love your videos ❤️❤️❤️

Sarah Oakley says:

Cringed when I saw Brave New World! I remember having the hardest time getting through that in high school.

Rebekah C says:

Hello from Vermont. You guys should take a trip up North and see how beautiful it is in Vermont. Always look forward to seeing your family in the videos. God bless you and your family.

Tegan Rose says:

Second comment I’m from Scotland big hugs xxx love the family

Emma Xo says:

First like and comment ☺️ I am Scottish and only have one child who I don’t homeschool but still watching xx

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