Cryptocurrency Explained

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Today we dive into the future of finance and talk about cryptocurrencies! What they are, how they work, and their implications for the future. Grab your juice bottle and let’s get this going!

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Political Juice – What is Cryptocurrency?


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ProtonCannon says:

But if everything is done with just cracking algorithms, wouldn't the appearance Quantum computing will inevitably lead to a huge crash of the crypotzfield? Since Quantum computers are just whole magnitudes better at working with such insane numbers by their base design.

mateyy says:

Is that Mr. Plinkett at 0:25?

Henry Thompson says:

great sermon

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david81998 says:

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Rayan Abid says:

thank you for your hardwork animation and being funny making this topic fun love you

Tiwaking Tiwaking says:


Mridul says:

Litecoin is shitcoin in disguise.

vipul singh says:

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Troy Honnold says:

Seems like something I should invest in. So bank account to Coinbase to buy bitcoin is best?

İsmat Agamirzayev says:

With companies like Lamborghini, Expedia, Subway, Virgin & many other Inc. 500 companies now accepting bitcoin/Crypto currency – It’s clear it’s here to stay & is taking over fast ..So we have all heard of Bitcoin & CryptoCurrency, so why isn’t everyone succeeding or starting with it?

Cryptassist India says:

Hi Political Juice,
You explained the cryptocurrency in a very simplified manner and I like the way in which you deliver the content. Keep up the good work.

Private Account says:

I still don't understand, I think I'll just stick to cash.

Poonam Kedaria says:

your grandpa is horrible 😀

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