Is Forex Trading Really DEAD?!

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Is forex trading really dead? There is a big discussion going on at the moment regarding the ESMA interventions and regulations. One thing is sure – the days of over-leveraged trading products are gone! What impact will this have on the industry and what should you do to adapt?
Let’s discuss in today’s video!

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Trading says:

dude you just scared the shit out of me. I though there would be "no leverage". are you looking for click bate? 30:1 is still huge. I traded with 500:1 for couple of months and now im opening an account in canada (max leverage allowed in canada is 30:1). not a big deal cause i trade with 2% risk so i have lots of margin and i dont open more than 2 trades at the same time. Still i wish i could go up to 5% risk of my capital with around 30-50 pips risk. I could do that but not with every pairs . so that sucks but im a 65-45 % trader so no worries if i was 75% winner i would definitely love to have more leverages to risk more that how you grow your account wake the fuck up

Bokamoso Kubyane says:

Your caption made me think that Forex is banned from all retail traders… Phewww! The approach is safer, ESMA will professionalize the market for retail traders.

Elliott Burris says:

Great video Andrew. You have certainly shed well needed light on this situation for me!

As I am still learning I was only looking to start with small pip sizes anyway e.g. £1/ pip… Am I right In thinking ESMA will make no difference to me, as long as I deposit a larger amount into my account to coverage the leverage?

Tomek Hara says:

Trading is just became a useless hobby for a small investor… who now thanks EU… can bury his dreams about making a living.

Andrew Bartholomew says:

i use 500:1 leverage the secret is learning risk management with using position sizing calculation. This is all good

shiba983 says:

Does this apply also for traders in Europe, but trading with Oanda for example which is regulated in Australia?

scottystrading says:

Liked and subscribed thanks for sharing great video 🙂

Gissa says:


Todor Manuela Sorina says:

If the high leverage of 500 is so bad why the professional traders are allowed to use it and the restriction is applied only for the retail traders?If I will make 5% returns in a month I will not waste my time trading.for 5% returns better go to work.Dont try to convince people that the reducing of leverage is a good think because it is not.Maybe you are satisfied with 5% in a month because you are teaching and have money from another activity.How can somebody be satisfied when the returns of trading will be 16 times smaller?It is pure mathematic not the bullsheets that you are talking mister.

jxn141 says:

Negative balance protection and being required to publish the percentage of traders that are profitable are good rules the rest should be up to the client it's their money.

Thulani Nxumalo says:

Wow thanks a lot now I understand clearly than what my broker was saying

Thomas Hägg says:

This is big brother "looking out for you". Society is voluntary and can be compassionate on its own. The state is not and has no place.

David Morin says:

Loved the honest upfront speech and the numbers on the whiteboard to drive home the message that less is more and that this is a long game strategy.

Sam Finance Concepts says:

Forex depends too much on leverage for gains. Not easy for Retail traders…


Don't waste your time.

Not Human says:

hi phil collins ! missed your intro, pls put it back …

Ian Timothy says:

So the amount to enter the market would be a lot more than before. What advise can you give for the beginner traders who have only 500 dollar in an account?

El Oso Rulo says:

Thank you very much Phil Collins

GoogleUser2004 says:

I agree with you. Are there brokers with variable leverage accounts?

pete anderson says:

what a great speaker and nice explanation, truth as a forex/binary trader i know that trading will never end. it has come to stay and so many people are earning off it. it just sad some out there are still losing out all on their trades

Adam Sferruzzi says:

Thank you for the update, nice and simple explanation. My broker in Australia (large broker) released a report last year that showed some statistics of their global retail trader performance. It was very alarming, most retail traders lose money regularly, only about 10% of retail traders made money, but not enough to make it worth while as compared with putting your money into a managed fund. Only about 2% of retail traders actually made a decent profit.

Derrick Oscar says:

I am waiting to get some money to start trading. This depresses me a lot.

Sid Ahmed Alem says:

Hi there Andrew, Though I am not a European citizen, and these ESMA rules do not apply to me, I would like to share my humble opinion about this matter. Now as you said in this video, this is the best thing ever for traders, anyone who does work with a lower leverage is supposed to be a person who really masters money management and follows a REAL plan of risk and money management. With these rules, not only they are telling rookies in trading that they are protecting them, but also to learn and have a real money management plan and a kick off account of considerable amount and not only a 100$ account for instance to show them what real trading is. Personally, I still prefer a leverage of 500:1 which I am still using since I could not afford an account with 1000$ to start with. But for people who do have enough considerable amounts of money they wish to invest, than these rules comes in their favor even if they do not realize it. As I always say, Forex is not just trading, it is very very much money and risk management. I enjoyed your video very much, thank you.

Andrew Wilson says:

Andrew, another great video. I fell foul of large amounts of leverage on forex platforms and even though I didn’t lose a massive amount the potential was always there. I agree with you in that the new regulations will be good for the retail trader. Thanks again for time creating these YouTube videos.

Georges Saha says:

The problem is not leverage. If some one just one to gambling (trading without education and demo practice) how to stop it ? This regulation will only profit for broker because of increasing minimun deposit and people will continue loose money and more du to higher minimun deposit need. If you know what is risk management in trading no need of leverage. Welcome Micro Account and MAKET MAKER.

Luigi Marazzi says:

you quote einstein, fine. how about WC Fields? Annual income $20, annual expenditure $21, result Misery……..

jammapcb says:

show us your last 6 months of trading data… thanks… all talk no show.. dont mean anything!

David Alditory says:

I don't have 10k

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