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FOREX TRADERS – I invite you to spend 14 Days with us

Last week I asked you to give me an update on how the first half of your trading year went and the overwhelming majority of you said: “not as I expected.” This reminded me of a video I shared with you a few months ago where I asked: “What’s Your Trading Philosophy?” With the general response being “I don’t really have one.”

If you don’t have grounded philosophy to base your trading off of it’s going to be nearly impossible to perform consistent analysis. And the less consistent you are in your analysis, the less consistent your trade execution will be. And this is what’s leading to your inconsistent trading results

In today’s Trading Edge video, I share with you the centerpiece of my trading philosophy & what I believe should be present in every trader that uses technical analysis to trade the markets.

At the end, we’ll also take a deeper look into m year to date trading stats along with a few takeaways.

Lastly, if you’re new or struggling and you need some help with creating or recreating your trading philosophy, make sure you check out this FREE 4-Part video training series from Jason Graystone Called “The Truth About Trading” where he walks you through what’s needed in order to trade, how to REALLY create wealth through trading and what tools are needed in order for you to earn success.

You can access this FREE video series BELOW


and until next time traders “Plan Your Trade, Trade Your Plan”

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nichole favit says:

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Robert Mullins says:

Love your videos man!

Charlie Brookes says:

You say you make about 4 trades per week. How long do you hold those trades for? Or rather on average how many positions do you have open at any one time?

Jonathan P says:

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MergeTrader says:

Is the "backbone" of price really support and resistance?

Eric Forand says:

Are you starter in forex trade?? Mr John Barron does the whole job for me,he is the best as for now.

อาราชิ มุรามาสะ says:

ผมชอบแบบเข้าเร็วออกเร็ว ระยะสั่นดีกว่าเจอมันพุงวัน1เงินน้อยล้างพอสแน่นอนแต่ผมีอย่างคือเล่นsell ตั้งstop,lostไว้ได้อยู่ครับเดเทรดคือผมไม่เก่งหรอกนะครับแต่ทำกำไรได้ทุกวัน อ่านข่าวค่าเงินที่เราจะเล่นในแต่ละวันแล้วมาคำนวนดูพวกข่าวแดง

Hassan Sultan says:

Plz help me gbp ruined my money..anybody can help me little bit skrill

Edwin Kasonga says:

"Look left, structure leaves clues" – Akil Stokes

John Oconor says:

Thanks Akil, great combination of strategies, as much as i want to share this vid , truth is i dont want hehe coz i wanna acquire this not to copy by other 🙂 thanks again akil , im big fan of yours too bad im too far from that place of event. which is in other part of the world

weshakeandbake says:

6.27 minutes into the video and I had to press stop, to comment and say thank you. Just brilliant, so informative and detailed. My excitement to join T1 continues to grow. I love spending my Sunday evening analysing the markets, doing my top-down analysis and looking for potential setups. Even though I'm not trading, nor am I remotely close to trading I am beginning the discipline and focus now. Thanks, Akil & Jason for everything so far.

רמי לוי says:

Great vid professional as always. Eur usd i will wate for 1.1847 to get some…38.2.. Good luck.

Michael Hammer says:

Great video man!

TONY UK says:

Its coming home..

Bill Parkinson says:

It’s Fib-on-a-see not fibonacHi. There’s no “H”

Jaime De La Cruz says:

great video im new to forex what broker do you recommend in the usa?

shephrd says:

Great video Akil. Regarding the performance of the GBPUSD and per your trading plan, how poorly would the GBPUSD need to perform to get permanently removed from your portfolio? How do you know "when to hold them and when to fold them"?

Caleb Lockett says:

May I have a copy of that excel sheet?

pavan kumar says:

Super as usual.

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