*CANCER* August 2018 – A message brings a passionate new start but is it too much to handle?

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barney shape says:

I'm Aries it resonate my man is a cancer, I love your calm voice so much,

aboogie1339 says:

I'm waiting for tax

Misty Rogers says:

Thank you for this reading❤and was wondering what the name is of the music playing in the back Ground? It is very smoothing.

Carletta Collins says:

I'm not interested n tht Mr. King of Wands/Leo either. I dnt need his nonsense either.

Carletta Collins says:

Who is the Michael ur talking about?

Carletta Collins says:

Y does this Air sign/Gemini keep coming up no matter whose readings I watch?

Aqua 93 says:

Watched this because Cancer is my Mars sign. It is so interesting because I have watched a lot of Tarot Readings for August and in almost every one of them someone is dealing with a deceptive person. We're all going through it !

meyaw Abdulaziz says:

play time is over……
time to work hard

Trevor Standefer says:

I am going through a divorce, but we had no kids…thankfully …she did leave with both dogs (I miss them !)
I am self employed…

Moona Khan says:

I wish that my ex fire sign Leo came back to me as my soul mate…. perhaps.

R IP says:

I did get a large amount of money that's why I'm starting a new business and not concentrating on my luv life…he can wait!

sexychoca31 says:

This earth sign broke my heart in pieces and I am very afraid to take him back in my life.

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