Women with the most common kind of breast cancer can skip chemotherapy: Study

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton discusses the biggest takeaways from a groundbreaking new study that says most women with an early stage of breast cancer can safely skip chemo.


Pauline Larson says:

What do you do when your oncologist lies about your condition, uses a medication way too powerful, and an extra experimental drug that made him tons of money. Then he continued treatment when he knew there were majorside effects. I have been in constant, crippling pain for 5 1/2 years. Had I not stopped treatment on my own I would be dead now. Somedays I rhink it would be preferable. There is NO accountability. I was told by several lawyers that he was untouchable, unaccountable for destroying my health and life, because I was given "A cancer drug" and I took it.

3lightsteps says:

I knew this 12 years ago when I looked into French studies and did not have chemo or radiation and I am fine!I would never take chemo that has not been genetically tested and proven to fight my particular cancer. Too many unscrupulous doctors (who make money from chemo use) will give a patient a chemo drug that has already been proven ineffectual for a given cancer – but makes them good money! Chris beat cancer has a video with a very experienced oncology nurse that lists the best steps and tests to take before deciding on treatment and alternatives. With the odds most of us have today it is important to do the research way before you might be diagnosed and keep up to date too!

Michele Dodd says:

Never in a million years would I destroy my immune system with chemo they better target my cancer with a virus so my body knows to fight it off and kill it

Bluemarvel 777 says:

Ask the Chinese oncologists in China, they knew this fact long ago. I’m glad these oncologists are admitting it

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