Do I Need An Interior Design Degree?

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Close Do You Really Need An Interior Design Degree? Here’s my 2 cents on getting the design degree.

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F L says:

I'd like to hear back from any of the people in this comment section how their interior design career is going since they posted.
Anyone? Anyone?
Website? Photos? Gross Anual Income stats?
Make it believable too when you do.

Arteha eha says:

I am an engineer ,yet it has always been my dream to be an interior decorator , so thank you ,this is what i will do , Thank you very much .

Shilpa Verma says:

Ur video makes me feel better bcos i always wanted to be in design industry but hv no time to leave my business analyst job and go to design school.Though some times I satisfy my urge of designing by helping my friends and family to decorate and design their spaces.But not sure how to start aa professional.

Danny Mullin says:

How do you think men fair in the interior design field? I looked it up and saw gay guys were in that field. I’m straight.

lisa burton says:

I just watched your video and was very inspired by you. I like the fact that you kept it real. I can appreciate your honesty. I myself has chose ID as a second career, I  think being a hairstylist for over 25 years it should be an easy transition. I did get an associate degree in ID but as you said it don't teach you how to start a business. I haven't joined any of the organizations but now that I watched your video, it don't seem necessary. Thanks!

This beautiful life says:

I have to agree. Look at 'Joanna Gaines'! She is one of the biggest designers in this country right now and never went to design

Sultana Ahmed says:

Omg im in love with you u speak my spirit

Sultana Ahmed says:


Rucoco Ruth says:

Thanks HEAPS – Youre truly an Inspiration!!! Thanks for telling it like it truly is…what an ENCOURAGER you are ;). JUST what I needed to hear today as I am overwhelmed by all the info in my current Diploma & yep, like you, just want to make Spaces & Places look PRETTY and more functional ;). You keep it SIMPLE. Whilst there is NO DOUBT that a formal education will help us be more "employable" you give people HOPE to look at their Natural God-Given Gifts!!! Thanks again…

Bujar says:

o my god, i love you I just finished my diploma last year and this video motivate me a lot! your such an inspiration to me

Bujar says:

o my god, i love you I just finished my diploma last year and this video motivate me a lot! your such an inspiration to me

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