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Watch the video covering the news on ongoing agitation related to the movement of Gorkhaland. The agitation is currently happening in the city of Darjeeling, north east part of West Bengal. This has drawn attention of many media in Nepal as well. The main reason for that is the people of Nepal and people of Darjeeling both speak Nepali language, and may be the fact that century ago Nepal has lost its territorial land to India during British Empire in South Asia. Thus this has brought the curiosity in Nepalese about the ongoing agitation occurring in Darjeeling and other hilly parts of West Bengal India.


Na Na says:

Gokhaland xhuttae hunu parxha Ahely gokhaland Ahely Liana vhany Nepali lae banggali banauxhu sahamat hami sabae gorkhali ko hok het ho

K M Hasan says:

Give us English Subtitles, Bangladeshis from Britain want to understand what you are saying. We are your allies and want to work together

Ranjit Bohara says:

Hahahhahahahajajaja गाेरखा भारतकाे हाेरे hahahahahahhahabahahahahahhahahahhhahhHHAAAHAAAAHAAA कहिले देखि धाेति गाेरखा भए यार बगालि बाेल। don't talk nepali YOU

mina sina says:

Even though we(Darjeeling) are in India ( because of the stupid British Raj) we all are Nepalese and we all think in a Nepali way.
J gara jaso gara jata suka laijau malai yo maan ta mero Nepali ho.
Jai Nepal. Jai Gorkhaland.
When we see Indians we don't feel friendly towards them rather we feel friendly towards nepalese, who come from Nepal to study in Darjeeling.
Therefore we shall support one another

Target 1 rapper Pyuthani says:

mc India kasri huna sakxa gorkhali sala dhoti haru India Ko jhanda liyara aafulai gorkhali vanxa sala bandi haru yadi timiharu aafulai gorkhali sochxau vane Nepal Ko jhanda liyara Jay Nepal vana sika

Sandhya Mongar says:

Don't support nepali people to Darjeeling because they are not part of our country and if we help them they ganno say something sad thing to us last time I was watching they say something bad to nepali people so don't support them.

Paki Pal says:

Gorkhaland people Love From Pakistan . <3

Bored PandaTV says:

Main problem for siliguri and Darjeeling is Nepali itself because this people don't stand together. India sucks and North east india sucks, I hate being indian.

Grater Nepal says:

We want our Greater Nepal then shikim and darjellng is our

sarraf shah says:

yo..chikne nepali..murkhale bujhne sakdain.. gorkhaland vaneko..indiakai bhag huncha..

Ajay Sunar says:

gorkha Nepali ko ho indian ko hoennnn

Narayan Pradhan says:

U all are doing well ….All Nepali support you. ..this andolan is not for present this is for future. …don't give up carry on

Gokarna Shahi says:

Bhasa mildaima khohe gorkhali hudaina sala Indian dhoti haru

Indra Chetri says:

heiii non sense police why u fire to Gorkha wait for Iam coming for treating you now be alert

NEPALI NEW SONGS Nepalinewsongs says:

. not Gorkhaland bt Indian land hona chahiye Jab Gorkha nepal hai Darjeeling Valley kehte hain India gorkha chahiye kaise ho Indian Gorkhaland jabki Gorkha Nepal see haii Darjeeling wale kehte hain Hum Nepali nahi hai Phir Kyun Gorkhaland Chahte Hain

Arbinmahat Arbinmahat says:


Robin j says:

Oye muzzi toh ko Ho…..afnu gand samal

Wangel Tamang says:

I never thought that blood fight against blood. guys those who are against gorkhaland and those who are opposing that we are from india. Plz i let you know that once Darjeeling was part of nepal. And guys plz look back to history. And as a human you should have some humanity when your country was suffered from earthquake we've prayed day night for your country and people but when it's your turn comes you all oppose to us like a coward. if we're in india its not our fault. Wherever we are, we all are from the same root. And take as an example there are many girls who have been married to Darjeeling and if they want to visit there home(nepal) would you not gave them to enter in nepal. We're in India but we're fighting for our mother tongue Nepali and you all guys just dont know that to fight for nepali in others country is not a easy task. so i request you if you can't support you better don't so your power sitting in your room, first try to fight for something in others country and so want you can do.

Rohan darai says:

Mafa garnu hola daju vai ho aasli gorkhali hami ho timi haru hoina
Thik xa hjr haru je sukai vasha bolnus but gorkhali hami ho hjr haru hoina
Ma manaxu hjr haru pani 1 Nepali ho bat Nepali ho vandaima India ma gokha land banna sakdain because Nepali haru jaha pani bir gorkhali vanera chininxan
Adi hjr le India ma gokhaland banaunu vayo vane ta ho ta aastityo nai rahadain so sry ok

Sarita Tamang says:

hamro Nepal ko gorkhalend Timi harule magera pau xa baru Nepal length vanera maga hami ni satha dinxau

olta grg says:

India ko jhanda bokera ghorkha land magne randi ko baan haru.

Tamang Joti says:

lamo yo mug nepali vasa ma video ko mug le banauxa hindi ma bana mug english ma bana tarw nepali ma nabana hami lae laaz hunu lagisako mug haru ani tero bau ko nepali ko jyan gyo mug inden mug mari rako xa mug lae nepali ko gayo vandeihin

T DD says:

In India is Darjeeling land dodhiland West bangal land banglaland thats thru bat not gorkha land okay

Stefan Niky says:

Long live gorkhaland only resistance against Indians is the option stand for your rights and get freedom
Indians can’t take you as slaves and can’t occupy this land

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