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In honor of my short film getting accepted into over 20 film festivals, I’m going to share some things I’ve learned about getting your film accepted! I’ve had multiple filmmakers ask how I did it, so hopefully this helps.

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Laredo Sports Extra says:

Oh okay. Thank You.

FilmoFobia says:

Film freeway .. Absolutely

brenda serrano says:

Beautiful film!

lxrjn says:

Hello Zach,,Thank you for sharing those tips and Congrats for Mayfield: Excellent work!!!!
I also want to ask you where are you located in the US? and if you need a Costume designer for one of your future projects I will love to collaborate,,

rickcoona says:

Networking is a Realy BIG one it's all about who you know in this business "I Kbow a guy heo know's a guy…" especially true for Program directory of Other Fesitivels they are constantly testing each other so chances are if you send you movie to one festival and it ia not a grat fit but still a compelling movie the program directer will more than likley Know someone whos festival your film will be better suited for.

rickcoona says:

i suppose for One, havinr a "Name" actor makes a BIG Difference to getting your film accepted, Yes?
Great short film well written well acted well shot and well edited subtle use of atmosphiric music really pushed it over the top
thanks for posting it i found it inspirational

Ollie Maddigan says:

My flim is feature length , so what festivals can I send it off too

Ranger 7 Studios says:

Here is the problem with Film Freeway. It's sometimes more expensive to submit. So really do a search on both and play the price match game. In the end it will save you a few bucks.

AllegedlySpiffy says:

I paused at 4:55 where you talk about building the set in the garage and just sat there — absolutely inspired. Thank you! Subscribed.

Keno Steven Neal says:

Real informative. I'm inspired. Thank you!

Emmanuel Rodriguez says:

Thanks for these tips, man. Didn´t know about Film Freeway, I used to use Feast Home.

Joey Mallat says:

Do you actually go to all these film festivals?

Mychal Simmons says:

Great tips thank you for the heads up

Cannes or Bust says:

Great stuff! I'd only add that you should know why you are submitting. Sound obvious? Check my video on the subject.

JARO_96 says:

Hi Great Video !!
Which under the radar film festivals do you recommend ? Are top 100 in film free way the best ? Also how do you know the acceptance rate, where can you check those stats and how are the stats determined?

Forgotten Corpses says:

Great information, what do you think of our video tips?

R. Christian Anderson says:

Zach… thanks for taking the time to do this. Although I understood some of the points in submitting my films over the past couple of years, you still confirmed what I suspected and added at least 2 points I had never considered before. Thank you so much. this video is really appreciated. Your advice is well taken. Every little bit helps! Thank you!

barandcross says:

You mention that your award winning film is a low budget project.
Yet you also say that you submitted it to 50 or so Festivals.
Well if each Festival has a submission fee of only $20 that still amounts to $1,000.
Okay, your success rate was good and the cost seems to have been worth it if you were accepted into 25 or so.
But even so, that is still $500 dead money!

Boomtown Film Music Festival says:

Loved these tips!

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