Why I majored in physics instead of astronomy

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This is another relaxed discussion video answering more questions I have been asked regarding choosing a degree major.

In essence, despite being very involved with astronomy I chose to study physics because I enjoyed the research environment more and the major is a bit easier to apply to different disciplines. A pure astronomy major can restrict you a little bit if you’re not careful.

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John T S says:

Your smile is brighter than Sirius A

Steve T says:

Your explanations are so clear and compelling. Have you ever thought about volunteering some time to talk to high school students? I taught chemistry and physics at high schools for the last few years of my career. In one school, the administration organized a "Career Day" for the students. Volunteers from different professions would be assigned to a particular classroom, and students would rotate between classrooms they found interesting. The students loved it, and I think someone like you would be very inspirational to young students.

Arakash says:

Hm. Maybe this is what taking opiates feels like.

Fábio Duarte says:

ASMR Physics vlog

Filip Nilenius says:

Are you INTP?

Akshar Solanki says:

I think you like Schrodinger 🙂

John Kochen says:

I took my first astronomy book out of the library at age 8 and haven't looked back since. Astrophysics lead me to physics but a lack of pure mathematical talent lead me to a bachelors and the classroom where I taught physics for 35 years. Now, retired and with a better understanding of maths, I wanted to return to the scene of my first passion but ended up at the scene of my first infidelity, physics, and more to the point, particle physics.

addis11100 says:

looks right

Yska Arvihide says:

Why I majored in Theology instead of Science.

N P says:

i think this asmr video is making me smarter

Joshua Barrientos says:

Gonna go with astrophysics and mathematics.

Jeremy Thompson says:

I've been working on obtaining a degree in Forensics Neuropsychology with an interest in quanutm mechanics,  physics has always been interesting more so theoretical.  Which  I've been stuck trying to figure out how to if even plausible to construct Synchronicity, I don't believe so with its current state it will work yet do you have any opinions?  I've thought of sending ideas to Michio Kaku yet since I currently don't have my PhD or PsyD yet it may just be overlooked

Lance Lovecraft says:

I think most of us who are in physics were initially interested in astronomy. Like that was the segue into physics ironically

nate5388 says:

Your videos are a fantastic resource…particularly for those who are passionate about the subject, but intimidated by the thought of majoring in it (physics, math, astro…any of the natural sciences). I've watched a few videos now, and your humility and approachability are often missing in your field. Keep up the great content, even if you don't always get the feedback you deserve.

jogmas12 says:

Astronomy is theoretical science while physics has real world applications. Take it from me, I'm a flat earther and space as we been told does not exist.

Clumpy says:

wow you are so calming <3

Vatsalya Sharan says:

I never liked that part of astronomy. For me it has always been about astrophysics and cosmology. I want to know the nature of dark energy, dark matter, gravity, multiverse etc etc.

I also love quantum mechanics, and I'm a proponent of Wave pilot theory. I want to know the nature of time, the relation ship between gravity and the other forces. Black holes are fascinating too.

Ughh, there are so many things to cover and so little time. There are many more things I would like to know. Hopefully I can get some time to atleast know some of the above in great detail.

Thomas Lahn says:

Thank you very much, smart and sweet! 🙂 Bachelor in Computer Science here going to study Bachelor in Physics/Math with minor in Astronomy. There is no Astronomy major at my future university, but good to know that I am on the right track, and that I should take care to be broad in my research projects. \//, Live long and prosper

Adam Michael says:

I like Johannes Kepler


I am passionate in astronomy, but doing electrical engineering, can I reach my passion through the bachelors?

James Dougan says:

very pretty and super smart… someone is very lucky …..wish it was me lol

rollbocke says:

It's been a practice for some time that recruiters from financial industries would often
search for candidates who majored in math or physics despite them having no training in finance or economics. It was their background in creating and dealing with complex systems that the recruiters were seeking. .

Having national healthcare and education systems serve the inherent purpose of healthcare and education and are not another revenue generating operation that
redistributes wealth within societies from bottom to top. It's one thing to say 'follow your bliss' and quite another to take into account the financial and practical realities that exist in societies that not only don't facilitate following one's 'bliss' but treat them as objects of financial exploitation. While creating a barrier to most of the population who struggle just to survive.
How many societies try to maximize both societal and  individual potentialities by having the opportunity for everyone to grow instead of the overwhelming majority of a society's potential and capacity being thrown out the window. Talk about studying the efficacy of systems! We collectively pay the price for that insanity. But a minority benefit immensely. They are identified by the the old axiom of 'follow the money'. That's the problem. Physics education, indeed physics itself, as well as virtually everything else will benefit when that problem is solved.

Tristan Tzara says:

You have the most calming voice that I ever listen

Hai Nguyen Trong says:

Physics and astronomy are interlinked. Physics is the magic wand to study space time. Physics is limited to low orbit space and astronomy is all the gravitation of planets of higher orbit. And with Nasa with better job you have to be an À in astronomy and astronomy dynamics which is the flight trajectory of a spacecraft in space time. How can you monitor an unmaned spaceship if you don't master the astronomy computer dynamics.

Karl Wright says:

I did all of them physics math and astronomy

Inefprag says:

You have a great passion for Math and Pysics. I wish I could talk to you in person.

Scott Matthew says:

lol this is this physics ASMR?

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