Van Jones Weighs In On Trump’s Private Meeting With Putin | The View

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Rata 4U says:

Attention Canadians: please sign this petition to have our government begin the process to initiate a war crimes trial against Vladimir Putin.

Susie Que says:

They only talked for about an hour, but the Libtards act like they planned everything from Armageddon on Earth to Zoning in Moscow. lol

Be1smaht says:

Hes such a critical thinker. He figures it out after the crap

Be1smaht says:

Meghan didnt know what to do with his response

Joshua Bonet says:

Bidden 2020!

Tube Tuber says:

Van Jones, delirious person, how odd and strange that YOU and CIA/CNN FAKE NEWS were COMPLETELY SILENT when Obama and Putin met. Why did they have a breakfast meeting "AT ALL"??? And what was said in SECRET and PRIVATE… BEFORE the breakfast??? And what was said in SECRET and PRIVATE… AFTER the breakfast??? "You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to say, 'SOMETHING IS GOING ON. SOMETHING IS GOING ON.' EVEN HAVING A SUMMIT THAT HAS NO AGENDA HAS NEVER HAPPENED. IT MAKES NO SENSE." LOL! Yet the following HAPPENED: tps://


sunny robinson says:

Im a democratic capitalist not a socialist but he has a point

S says:

1:12, Peaceful Assembly is occurring.

Tube Tuber says:

Van Jones, delirious person, and what do you have to say about Obama and Putin's meeting??? I recollect COMPLETE SILENCE from YOU and CIA/CNN FAKE NEWS. What did Obama and Putin chit-chat about in PRIVATE… BEFORE their breakfast??? And what did Obama and Putin chit-chat about in PRIVATE… AFTER their breakfast???:

Micheal Benton says:

Van is awesome!

Audrey says:

I love him even if he is a lefty. So handsome it is a criminal waste.

Audrey says:

It is called a meet and greet and going over issue between the countries and conserning countries.

Tube Tuber says:

Sara, Sweetie…. Van Jones knows NOTHING, even when it's in plain sight. Putin plainly revealed at the post summit press conference with his VERY OWN WORDS (which CIA/CNN FAKE NEWS COMPLETELY IGNORED) the dirt the Russians have on ——–PEDOCANNIBAL HITLERY (NOT TRUMP). He CLEARLY STATED their intelligence determined that $400 MILLION was ILLEGALLY 'donated' to the Hitlery Prez Campaign by a rogue Russian entity via orchestration from Obama's embedded CORRUPT Deep State intel agents. The Russian Gov has ALL the telemetry on it. SHE'S GUILTY AS SIN. So it was ALWAYS HITLERY AND OBAMA WHO WERE IN COLLUSION WITH RUSSIAN SOURCES, NOT TRUMP. Here it is, Little Sweetheart, LISTEN AND WEEP at what CNN and Van Jones DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW… @ 13:18:

Izzy It says:

Van jones is a loser. Very low IQ individual

lourds says:

Van Jones for President!

Samantha Gaudet says:

Meghan’s makeup looked amazing today

Akshay Jadhav says:

Miss vanjee

Jaquita Heim says:

Van you are finally canceled!!

joey77 says:

SOOOO much respect for this guy. As everyone does on the show obviously. He is articulate and intelligent. Solid question from Meaghan and a great answer. He's drilling down on the need for diversity and balance and this is a good thing. My hat is off to you Van.

Julia Mc says:

Van you did good!

Aicha Daillo says:

Meghan thinks that Democrat voters are like republicans and she can just manipulate them with propaganda based of 1950’s fears . There’s college, people study history and politics so know what socialism means vs communism. And better yet there’s google and YouTube, so she can’t keep lying about how democratic socialism don’t work when there are dozens of countries in Europe that are thriving on that agenda. Be educated people, as voters we should all study and listen to the program of each candidate before voting. Don’t vote against others, vote for yourself and you country and that’s the only way to truly transform a country positively. When we vote against others all politicians have to do is destroy and build nothing just like trump is doing with Obama’s work.

scrapycoll says:

Taxes would go through the roof with Bernie. Free education???? And who is paying for that????

Michael Myers's Sis says:

MAGA = Make Autocracy Great Again. Autocrats expect blind obedience and lack of any criticism or being asked "negative" questions. Trump is a man who idolizes autocrat Putin of Russia and intends to make his precidency of USA the same. Trump wants he's treated just like Putin is: never being held accountable, never being questioned. PS: Did anyone kicked Meghan out of her bed, dragged her by her hair and tossed her into the studio to record "The View"? Girl, you look off.

sdelizabeth says:

I completely agree with VAN

david fraser says:

America(n)s fear (lack of knowledge) of Socialist Democracy feeds the 1% representation in both sides of politics

Cedric Clark says:

Van jones is the smartest brown man

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