Trump is bringing an end to Iran’s aggression in Middle East: Gen. Keane

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Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) on how U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer defended the Trump administration’s use of national security as the premise for imposing tariffs. Keane also discussed how the Trump administration has curved Iran’s aggression in the Middle East.


Darryl Harty says:


Jane S says:

Watch me be tough….I’m gonna capitalize my tweets to Iran……LOL

Carl K says:

President Trump represents China's worst nightmare. When the Chinese cave in and the playing field for trade between the U.S. and China becomes level, will President Trump be given credit in the CNN / MSNBC reporting? Not a chance. Does that matter? Not in the least. WWG1WGA…

Harry Grant says:

I'm still not tired of all the winning! Trump gets things done faster than any president I have ever seen. This is how you govern…MAGA!

Douglas Steele says:

trump needs to focus more on what going on here at home like soaring gas prices, sky high health coverage and a crumbling infrastrucrture. oh i forgot- trump would rather waltze around America feeding his massive ego then do what needs to be done to make America great again. sucks to have a president that puts his ego before his job. impeach this lying ego driven asshole of a president and MAPA-Make America Proud Again!!!

tino v says:

Iran "aggression" when is the "goebbels " propaganda going to stop by MSM? Was Iran the aggressor in 1953 when CIA staged a coup in Iran and overthrew the DEMOCRATIC elected prime minister?

Was Iran the aggressor when US shot down Irans commercial plane murdering 250+ passengers?

Was Iran the aggressor when Iraq invaded Iran with the blessings of zioNAZIS, Saudi and US?

The list goes on….. Now if Iran is fighting the goons/terrorebels backed by US ,pissrael and Saudi that is not aggression… "Goebbels" Scums….

Someone tell us when was the last time Iran attacked a country?

TheAztecConquistadoo says:


Charlie Cohen says:

iraqi dinar stuffs the wallets

Mike White says:

You have to be pretty "Special" to maintain the level of denial that "liberals" are clinging to. MAGA!

sher khan says:

President D. Trump got the support of the Iranian nation, while the evil-killer ayatollahs regime in Iran with their gangs not , and their days r numbered. Bravo President D. Trump. No to a new holocaust. No to the evil-killer-facist-terrorist-sectarian-brutal ayatollahs regime in Iran. Regime change in Iran is the only solution to the Iranian and world problems.

Ken Marshmallow says:

Nuke the middle east to dust and stick a pink utopia flag into the fallout, then deport the democrats there.

sokawati says:

Great businessman

The secret singer ! says:


tod jones says:

Irans Aggression? You've got to be kidding! America and the Saudi/Israeli coalition is the aggressor in the Middle East! Have you been living under a rock?

Putin Puppet says:

Iran's aggressive behavior? It's America and the European Jews in their sham state that are the aggressors.

kees Chill says:

Amerika keeps forgetting that they pushed these mullahs in power in iran because the shah was head of OPEC and iran was pumping 10 times more barrels oil per day then the saudis. Europe especially England was beging for oil. Amerika Will fail invading iran. Even the people that want these mullahs gone are saying no to Amerika

ruok zig says:

-You don't need uranium for a nuclear reaction. Thorium is safer and cleaner.
There is only one reason Iran would want uranium.
Power to destroy for centuries has not been controlled for eight decades. You want to give that power to warmongers?

NyandUsaPolitics says:

Stop the anti-iran propaganda. They deserve to live don't go kill them all!! IF Israel wants to 1v1 them don't help the bastards let them do it themselves.

Nathan Richardson says:

Can anyone who put a thumbs down indicating they didn't like this video please add a comment so those of us who liked it can understand your perspective better?

Pea Pie says:

Don the big con…

Dubjax 24 says:

Why did trump use Chinese steel build trump tower ?

Jump In says:

Lmao didn't Iran backed terrorist just bomb oil tankers.

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