Kevin Love $120M Extension! Wade, Carmelo Update! 2018 NBA Free Agency

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Lyrics Prod. Lyz says:

Kevin love will carry the Cavs

ReTro Hoshie says:

Kevin love has collin sexton right???

Knee Grow says:

Kevin Love is hella inconsistent. One night he will scores a triple double and the next game he will score 3 points.

Elite Exposure says:

Lebron hurts his teammates. Itll be hard for him in the West.

Amadou Ndiaye says:

Kevin gonna be a beast again

MccoyTravels says:

Lebron makes his teammates WORSE

Jandrei Naraja says:

its funny how there were rumors of kevin love trades last offseason and he is the only one who stayed in the cavs big 3

Gustavo Garcia Arroyo says:

The Cavs are doing a sign and trade

brs rafal says:

cleveland needs new coach

Suh dud says:

JR finna carry the cavs. THE HENNY GOD TAKING OVER

Daniel says:

O god if wade goes to the cba he will average 80 a game

TOP10 PH says:


Osman Gaming says:

Did you go to Maine recently

Dennis Smith says:

Kevin Love wasnt playing trash when got traded to Cavs, he kept getting injured which cost him time from working on his game

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