Retired Marine – Thank You Huffington Post For Taking QAnon Main Stream! – 07/24/2018

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BREAKING: President Donald Trump SHOCKING Speech in Kansas City @ VFW Convention!

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Yosiah C says:

He might have been snatchet up snagged kidnapped : then MK Brain F'ed and reprogramed as I think on this . Could be thats what happened to other on Fire front line Patriots who seem 2 have turn Traterous of late : How does that jive or ring with U

Yosiah C says:


stoptheBS says:

Check out War Drummer's take on the latest Q drops – **WWG1WGA** These naysayers are going to find out very soon just what and who Q is. Darkness 2 Light. BTW – Their tube shut down SGT Report with 347 thousand subs and thousands of vids with no explanation 2 days ago. Seaman turned into a pot head…

Rebecca Swilling says:

Howdy Steve! Took mom and aunt to their doctor appointments, did my good deeds for today!!!

Carlos Summers says:

It's great to be alive, my friend. Semper Fi! You hang'n in there? Huffington post link? Deanna says hello.

josephine quintella says:

Q……..things are going to end well for USA !!!!!!!!

Markye Boy says:

Greetings fellow Patroit Steve

Justinian Argo says:

Just came from another awesome video by War Drummer. Do you know him Steve? I miss my days in Virginia Beach too.

Lynk Paul says:

David Semen is nothing more than a pot head and was used to prematurely spill the beans on the pizzagate to give the culprits an early heads up which has resulted in the conspiracy theory rhetoric and the article you now read all to attempt to cover their ass. The shooter at the parlor was theirs as well to cover for the closing and removal of and destroying also sealing up of any evidence.

Deborah Henry says:

Steve you are hilarious when you want to be… Never a dull minute with you I bet!

Philip Kroesbergen says:

Ya seaman went full hater. He was banned from youtube

Susan Wagner says:

7 days left in July and your birthday on August 20th

cynthia caldwell says:

My summers were spent in Beckley and Huntington WVa ,I take the real red pill too I did order his new heart pill extenda wise. Haven't received it yet. I don't watch seaman any longer. He smokes way too much weed on live stream it seemed more about that then anything else at least that's how it appeared to me

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