Lose 20 pounds in a month| intermittent fasting

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This video is about how I lost 20 pounds in 1 month I know pretty fast
I did this very healthily and I wanted to give my dolls tips on how y’all can do it too
Hey Jay squad I was really nervous about posting this video but then I thought about it and who cares what others think I hope this helps many people out and love you all so much xoxo jada Annette

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Poet Victoria Hunter says:

you say you eat from 5 to 9pm? I think that can work for me, however, I am worried about low blood sugar since people with blood type B, actually require some carb early in the day because of low blood sugar when they get up. I been keeping calories under 1000 and I am loosing 3 to 5 pounds every two weeks. I eat a small carbs close to 10 am and then do not eat a meal until around 12 pm.

Christy Jackson says:

the problem I have with some of these videos is that these young ladies talk too much about themselves instead of just getting to the point !!! What did you eat. Did you exercise and how often? When specifically did you eat each day? Just get to the point . Its not a talk show, if you want to truly help others just provide the info…and keep it moving. good job on your new lifestyle

Be Born says:

Eating 600 – 800 calories a day is starvation, not fasting. For anyone reading this please do not eat only 600 – 800 calories a day. You will ruin your metabolism by slowing your metabolism down to the point where your body will not burn as many calories as it normally would. IF is about manipulating insulin, not restricting calories putting your body in starvation mode. She is starving herself and not doing IF correctly. When you starve yourself, you are not only losing water, fat, but you are also losing muscle which is not what you want. You want to lose fat…not muscle/protein wasting.

Poet Victoria Hunter says:

When you fast did you detox, drink detox drinks?

Poet Victoria Hunter says:

My calories is down to 500 at the most and I exercises 4 days a week at least. I am am detoxing. I drink detox drinks after working out.

tooruck ruck says:

you lied…

Kakaya says:

Wow so happy I came across your channel girl! That's so true most of the people I find on YouTube are like moms and stuff there aren't a lot of young people sharing their successful weight loss. Gonna start IF from tomorrow !! Thanks for the motivation ♡♡

you're my hope in you're hope I'm J-DOPE says:

You are so beautiful. You look like a brown version of Blackpink Jenny :))))

JoelleisAce says:

Awesome video. Thanks for the helpful and honest information!

Yee says:

The first few pounds you lose is I believe water weight

Unreal Changes says:

sub back? I'm doing IF too

samantha moran says:

I'm at 134 pounds and I want to get down to around 120

Laura Poop says:

how do I stop eating so much.junk.food.the cravings are ridiculous 🙁 I truly wanna stop

Laura Poop says:

I have a problem with eating junk food 🙁

Laura Poop says:

u r so beautiful :)♡

Navaya Medina says:

I just turned 18 and graduated ❤️❤️can you do a video of what you eat please?

Onlyshanise says:

I’m Finna turn 17 on Thursday hey girl ❤️

Amanda Charles says:

Great video! What did you mean by 420?

Melanins0uls says:

Ok so you just don't eat all day and only eat at a certain time ?

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