Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost 30 Pounds In 2 Months (Before & After Photos) | La Perle Beaute

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Hey Perle’s it’s your girl’s Elizabeth and Cynthia welcome to our channel! Sorry for the wait! Guess what guys?! This video is all about Cynthia’s intermittent fasting experience! Want more of these videos?! Thumbs it up! We love you guys and thank you for the support! Where’s my notification gang at?!!! #notificationgang

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La Perle Beautè says:

Hi Perle's thank you guys for the overwhelming support! The calorie calculator is in the description bar! I know 800-1000 calories is low this video was filmed a month ago and since then I've lost 40 pounds and increased my calories! Remember consistency is key! Today is your day to start your FITNESS JOURNEY, get out there and START! If you have any questions please leave them below and will answer them! WE LOVE YOU PERLE"S!

Patrick Bishop says:

Any calories even your ‘magic 35’ breaks your fast. Sorry but them the facts. If people are series about their goals they can give up coffee and drink some of nature’s nectar WATER.

P Compton says:

The music is very distracting, not the Hanks for sharing. You have some good info, not your numbers are very extreme and I’m glad you increased them. Remember: quick and fast results won’t last. But I did like your 16-8 fasting window, I may try that one. Best of luck with your journey hun!

1EccentricMoFo says:

I thought for awhile that you had these real small glasses on then realized it was your reflection off the lights!!

Go Vegan I.F peeps!!

Aisha Na'Sha says:

This was very helpful!

neef three says:

music and lights in glasses so distracting

Shay Davi says:

How did it work with you working out in the morning was it hard to stay on your fast after your workouts?

Renee Washington says:

Sorry gots ta have that stuff in my coffee. I will say that is meal 1 however. Did you go 1 week between 3 down to 2 meals? I'm shooting for 3 meals 1 is bulletproof coffee, 1 is high fat breakfast and the third is clean and healthy.

Yese Castel says:

doing it for almost 2 months, lost 50 pounds… I'm doing keto too.
I eat for 6 hours but I think I will change it to 5.
thank you

afnan77 says:

I fast from 3 am -8 pm

Joanna Bickford says:

thought no sugar either

Aggie Serrame says:

I started doing 16:8 IF as well and its been 18 days since I started and I have lost 5 pounds! I work out regularly going to spinning class to get cardio in after work and I also do Barre classes at the studio and if I dont make it to the studio, I do Barre workout at home in my living room. I also cut down on my calorie intake to about 1570 calories (normal individual intake is 2000). I want to lessen the calorie intake but I don't think I would have enough energy to workout.

heythisistiana says:

I watched the whole videos because you were really informative and whatnot but man the audio and music gave me a headache and I had to stop a couple of times 🙁


Thanks for this ! Going to start tomorrow ! This vid was helpful and informative

Jessica Kenison says:

That popcorn is life!!!! I love it

SbWolf X_21 says:

I Subscribed to U

SbWolf X_21 says:

Ur very pretty

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