About 80 survivors found in fortress after revolt crushed

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1. Wounded Taliban prisoners being lifted on stretcher on to back of truck – more survivors sitting in back of truck
2. Various of wounded Taliban prisoners being put on truck
3. UPSOUND: (Dari) Taliban prisoner (name not given):
“I’m all right.
(Q: Where are you from?)
A: From Yemen, yes, from Yemen
(Q. What did you come here for?)
A: Jihad (Holy war).”
4. Various of Taliban prisoners
5. SOUNDBITE: (English) Olivier Martin, ICRC (International Committee of Red Cross) head of operations in Northern Afghanistan:
“The conditions (of the prisoners) are those you can expect from people who have been without food or drinking water for six days, in a basement, traumatized, shocked.”
6. Various of Taliban prisoners


More than 80 Taliban prisoners have finally surrendered after a deadly six-day siege at a fortress in Mazar-e-Sharif.

The Taliban fighters emerged alive after Northern Alliance forces flooded their basement refuge.

Most of the 82 men were non-Afghans from Arab countries, Pakistan and other parts of Central Asia who had gained a reputation as the fiercest of the Taliban fighters.

The International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) said the men were in a pitiful state, having survived six days of bombardment without food and water.

At least 20 were brought out by stretcher and are now being treated in local hospitals.

Fierce fighting began in the fortress on November 25, after what Northern Alliance officials described as a prison uprising.

Hundreds of Taliban prisoners were killed in failed revolt and subsequent US air strikes on the fortress.

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الله يرحمهم اسود القلعه ربي يتقبلهم شهدا

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الله يرحمك اخوي فيصل يابوذر

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Are they taliban survivors?

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They look like they're Whopped til the Chopps givis a 25 of that

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You've got to admit; they put up one hell of a fight.

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