Best Universities for Marine Biology

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OK, so I get this question all the time from aspiring young marine biologists: What is the best university I should try to attend to become a marine biologist? I’m finally going to address this, and I suspect the answer may surprise you.

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Ashleigh Watson says:

So I would be looking for a research based college?

ariiigaudin says:

As an incoming high schooler or freshman I have a question about the academy I am in. I was hoping to ask you as a Marine Biologist because I am very interested in becoming one as well and did not see asking counselors because they don’t know as much as you do. The academy I have joined is HSPSL , Health Science Public Service and Law, but it also includes STEM. So my question is , Is the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics pathway good for me as a aspiring marine biologist?

Sam H says:

I recommend University of New England in Maine, if your looking into colleges for marine bio please look into this school, so many research opportunities and amazing marine science department

Nick Yoshioka says:

I literally get soooo excited whenever I see another video from you

Rip Tide says:

thx for the help

Král Václav I. says:

Hey! I love your videos, they are a great inspiration to me!

I'd like to ask what subjects should I graduate in a secondary school? I know biology and chemistry is an obvious pick, but will something like geography and maybe even physics be a viable choice as well?
Also, what about languages? Should I graduate French, or do a separate test to show my skills and use the subject spot in graduation to something more useful?

Thank you!

Jack O'Connell says:

Would a final year research project count?

Ethan Smith says:

How important would you say going through Graduate School is to working in marine science?

EpicSteve123 says:

You're awesome. Im currently going to school in Galveston and already started gaining some valuable lab experience

Makaylynn Heath says:

Ty so much and your helping me so much to become a marine biology

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