A Vegan Vlog in China // food, accupuncture, meet my fam

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*sorry about any audio funkiness, was using 3 different cameras (not my usual ones) while traveling so it’s a little off!*
My most recent trip to Shanghai, China. I used to live in Shanghai when I was in high school. I visit my favourite go-to spots for vegan food and show you a little bit of the city + my family.

A full guide to Shanghai including my restaurant recommendations for vegans + some fun things to do is on my blog: http://veggiekinsblog.com/2018/07/02/healthy-vegan-guide-to-shanghai/


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Sad and Boujee


burningspirit light says:

I was going to do acupuncture to I found a place that does it Japanese style I think, but does it cost a lot from your experience.

tlahmed says:

New subscriber here! Just wanted to say that all the food looked amazing, your cat is adorable, and you and your sisters are beautiful 🙂

Anna Li says:

OMG! I miss China so much! 下次我去上海我应该去您去得饭馆!……~^_^
I love funny Chinese translations lol

Anonymous Person says:

Are any of ur sisters vegan?

Lai Yi Xuan says:

Wow I visit China often but I find it really hard to eat vegan there, as meat kinda symbolises prosperity there for many China families. Thanks for sharing this video, I loved it!

Black Widow says:

I thought vegans don’t eat gelatins ? Isn’t boba made of that

Cassie Autumn says:

Who knew China would have so much vegan food??? I live for vegan chicken drumsticks and veggie dumplings. YUM!!!

Lili Zhou says:

More China vlogsss ~~ to bring me back to my origins.

Erica C says:

I’m vegan as well, and only just recently moved to Shanghai. You have no idea how amazing this video and your blog posts are!!! Thank you for all these wonderful tips!!

thebluesheep2 says:

4:01 OMGG hahahaha

Jade Zhu says:

I spent 2 years living in Shanghai because that's where my family is from! I've heard of Hunter gatherer but never had the chance to go, definitely adding it to my list the next time I visit!

Mellisa Stone says:

not to be rude but the song is called bad and boujee

Yentl says:

Awwwwwwe I miss my lovely cats in China

ablog log says:

HELLOOO from Shanghai!Greenvege普素 is just amazing :P. Their “chicken burger” tastes exactly the same as the teriyaki chicken burger in KFC (照烧鸡腿堡)!

Anke Commeine says:

Can you tell me how you got your period back because I haven't had my period for more than a year because I lost to much weicht in a to short period. Can you help me please? I don't now what to do any more!

A little foodie says:

My friend is from China, and she always tell me about the buble tea and vegan gyoza 🙂 I had vegan ones in my local tea house (which is held by chinese family) and they were amazing!

Lisa Kitahara says:

AND THST BBT and ur also so beautiful luv u

gwen6566 says:

Thank you for taking me away from Kansas for a few minutes. Beautiful city and I loved seeing all the different foods.

Chanecka Williams says:

I'm a little jealous. I live in Taipei and we have the Jooce place but we don't have milk tea at all.

twirling pages says:

this is so cute and i love the way you edited it! i want to visit shanghai again so i appreciate all the food recs <333 my relatives live in shanghai so seeing so many vegan options in china makes me happy ❤️

to die for says:

I thought u r korean. Lol. I dunno why.

Hoku WANG says:

Oh my god you’re in Shanghai!! I try my best to be vegan here but the vegan cheese remains a problem and i love pizza too much…..If you come across any good vegan pizza in Shanghai plz recommend!! I’ve only tried the vegan pizza by Happybuddha/serenity food here, they have a pop up menu at a mexican restaurant called Border Town. they have great vegan crunchy wraps and burritos but their pizza is not so good. oh and you should try the oatmeal milk flat white from Little Bean, it’s so freaking good!!

Karida Liu says:

OMG Welcome to China!! ❤️

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