2018 German Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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Relive the best moments from Hockenheim!

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HaDi Media says:

I don't fuck*ng wanna know what think about Hamilton, he brings results.

hama tsaeda asmarino says:

botas is the best driver,by the way the game was a chaos, so thats why Mercedes take the advantage.

Matt Cecil says:

what a grub, couldn't win by himself so had to get Valterri off him and had to have Seb crash in order to win. Appalling by FIA today

kpvarma says:

win for lewis? nonsense

Fomula 1 Office says:

Im sorry so giovinazzi is not here

Roger Fernandes says:

What a Race, Well Done Lewis, But I guess Sergio (Force India) did well to recover and get those vital point

Fomula 1 Office says:

Crashed hungary is: perez grosjeam alonso Ricciardo Hulkenberg and giovinazzi.

Isra says:

fack team orders .l.

SabuPtolemy says:

"Valtteri, it's James. Please, hold position!" – Nuff said.

Max says:

The Crash from Vettel remembers me at the TEC Finale last Year, your driving slow and slow and slow and you just slide straight of Track…

Resi Dorna says:


HitMeQuick says:

Vettel would be quicker riding a horse. Awful driver.

Class of 1979 says:

I thought Gasly was driving a tractor, so much rubber.

Architectural Technology says:

Team orders coming back. First Räikkönen then Bottas. I’m nearly giving up watching this dull sport if it’s just the Hamilton/Vettel show…

Ionut Alexandru says:

Video Frumos

senna ayrton says:

Why did any audience happy gesture when Vettel retired in Germany ?
Were they shitty immigrant in Germany ?
Can they buy tickets?

EdiownedU says:

Ham shut everyone who doubted him up with this win.

Pedster9 says:

You take my home race, I take yours! … loving this.

Glenn says:

Love from FIA stewards conquers all infractions!

louis chim says:

Lucky it was under safety car, if not Lewis would've got a penalty

Cameron Potts says:

I wish I could catch these on TV or ONLINE LIVE. Can you post on youtube. Where we can see it live. Or something That would help us out a lot.!!! Love godlike yea yaya ;D

life its just a dream tv says:

just here to inform all f1 fans that if you are not a hamilton fan you can stop watching f1 until 2021 when he will probably retire cause in the mean time i can asure you that he is going to win all of these coming years every championship until he retires that is the problem when sports becomes business and politics you get fake champions and fake results anyways i cannot tell you where i work cause i will be fired for publishing this information but i know for a fact tha there is writen official document signed by the FIA mercedez hamilton and company that guaranties that hamilton will win this 2018 season and the next 3 remaining years of his carrer to become 8 time world champion and surpass michael scchumaker

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