Late stage chronic Lyme disease // a different kind of journey | VLOG #51

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Thanks for all the messages over the past months about if everything was alright and why there were nog vlogs anymore. I’ve not been able to reply but here’s the reason why…


Hugo Alexander says:

Thanks every single one of you for your comments and support, you guys are amazing. As I'm extremely overstimulated by electronics and cognitive tasks, I haven't replied but please know that I've read everything and it means the world to me. 

Much love,



BungalowMo says:

I am dealing with chronic Lyme as well.  Like you, doing it alone.  It's hard, but please stay strong.  You have thousands in your corner…cheering you on.

Silly Crow says:

I just found out I have Lyme and I’m in late stages as well…. I’ve felt like shit for so long and finally found out a few weeks ago myself. To all of us who have this crap, were all in this journey together, let’s hang in there, we can do this!

KIM and ROSS says:

Oh my goodness this is so heartbreaking and your story is so similar to mine!!! My father also had similar symptoms and passed away! Interestingly, Lyme can be passed through the placenta, so it's probably true that you've had this since you were a baby – so have I, but I was bitten by a tick as a baby. But you CAN overcome this! You absolutely can. Don't pay any attention to the misinformation out there… I've started my channel to share the correct info with everyone and to let everyone know that there IS a simple and correct treatment for this. You're not alone 🙂 There are so many of us out there. I'll be following your journey. Please please have a look at our channel, I can help you. So glad I came across your video – may this be a relatively smooth and speedy journey to full health and wellness.

Carlos Becerra says:

Wow bro I came across your vlogs this afternoon and have really enjoyed the content but most of all your genuine persona and love for traveling, different cultures and appreciation in the smallest things in life. Then I watched this vlog wow Hugo I wish you all the strength in this solo journey. There are more and more cases these days were people have fought off diseases I nearly lost my best friend 5 years ago and he is still standing wish all the best Hugo!

nan wu says:

Hi Hugo, your videos have deeply touched me. From all the Asia travel vlog, I can tell you re such a nice guy!! I can't believe this happened to you, really hoping and praying for you to get better soon. And people with good heart always gets good karma in return. Sending you all the positive vibes and energy, the world is waiting for you to explore further!!

guy tyrie says:

Thanks for this great vid wishing you well Hugo

Sylvia Polak says:

I am a biologist do thes mix those 1 tespoon msm diatomecious earth 1/2 magnesiym citrate 25 drops of miseltoe drops and drink it 2 times a day as long as it takes. you will heal

Lemons 'N Lyme says:

My doctor said the exact same thing to me when I got diagnosed… it honestly was a relief to finally have an answer and also overwhelming! There are lots of us fighting chronic Lyme and we will find a way to win! Wishing you luck on your treatment <3

Moe Mouallem says:

Thank you a lot for sharing all the vlogs. I've been watching many of them and just now saw this one, it really isn't an easy thing to go through, the good thing is that as you said, you know what are you dealing with. It's just another challenge to go through, you are a great person and spirit, and I send you my prayers and wishes to get well soon and get back on the adventure track really soon !

Pil Juliette says:

so touching <3

Kelly Hardy says:

it is possible..I'm proof..hang in there

Mohamed Elkady says:

I hope you get better and overcome this illness… you have a beautiful soul,, I pray for Allah to help you recover … and you aren’t alone …

Boyd W says:

I got Lyme in the early 80’s, diagnosed June 2013. Now chronic Lyme I’m 51 now.

Boyd W says:

After you have a course of pharmaceutical antibiotics, switch to a natural medicine antibiotic.

Thomas Stange says:

Best of luck to you Hugo, keep it up!

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