Instant Relief of Sinus, Allergies, Congestion, Headaches (3 Master Acupressure Points) – Dr Mandell

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These 3 Master Points work like magic when acupressure is applied correctly. They are very effective and work very quickly in most of these conditions.


Rose Mary Parker says:

Watching all your videos have had stuffed nose for 2 years. Tried all the pills and nasal spray works ok for awhile. Use nasal wash again ok. Like these techniques working good breathing fine now. I breathe threw my mouth at night laying down used to it. If I could breathe threw my nose even for a few hours would be great.

Kate Hojilla says:

Sharing this to my family! Thank you for sharing the info! right now I got terrible headache, when I pressed my Li4, its so painful… after doing this process I felt tremendous relief. Again thank you!

KILLxSW1TCHx69 says:


Hye-Young Choi says:

Thank you Dr.Allen

De v says:

Thnkyou sir it really works and not only works but it worked instantly and gave me a relief to my tremendous sinus heahache

Kathy Myers says:

I'll try anything at this point.

Mark Renzon Dela Cruz says:

Thank you Dr Mandell!

cynthiaholland13 says:

That was very helpful!

Emiria Nyakudarika says:

Just beginning to use your natural methods of healing for my sinus and headache issues and am already feeling the difference positively.

Cyn th says:

WOW! Thank you. I had something come on suddenly and this really helped.

wibie4Life says:

Not helping in opening my blocked nose due to allergic rhinitis..

Ishvar Naghor says:

howmany times in a day pressure should be applied?

ANDRE stabel says:

Hey folks . I have sinus and dizzying at times . how can I keep it off forever? I do whtever at home ,No meds …..Dr Alan is in the right. ..


brahamdeep singh says:

I felt pain in my left hand when doing the 3rd technique

727,968,667,890 views says:

not working doctor

aishwarya aishu says:

Thankyou so much for share this videos. This video has helped me so much . I feel much better with in seconds after doing them.

Abi Kinoshita says:

ive been suffering from too much headaches everyday because of allergic rhinitis and watched this…is very helpful.thank you sooo much

hikermansteve says:

Recently I was in Disneyworld. It was hot, humid…just typical weather in October. In and out of highly air conditioned stores and back into the heat. In just one day I developed a head pounding sinus infection. I declined taking sudafed and simply tried an over the counter decongestant. By the third day I recalled that you did a video on sinuses. That evening I accessed this video and followed your directions. Within minutes my sinuses were clear. Unfortunately, I didn't remember this sooner. I got rid of all the congestion but still retained that horrible tiredness feeling of just wanting to lie down. I soldiered on for two more days all the while not enjoying what should have been a good vacation. I do believe this technique reduced the time it would take to recover. Just continues to mystify me why people want to be argumentative when you share non-prescription remedies. We are a pill sick country. Now 65 years old, in good health (because I work at it) and only take 5mg bp med and working on getting off it as well.

Usha Esp says:

sir I have sneezing problem when I touch water and sitting in ac.please tell remedy for me

MWSKILLZ 1 says:

In the next ten min. I started to caugh up stuff that was blocking my nose and could blow my nose out 80 percent less blocked. Great video many thanks fm 42dublin

Kim Phillips says:

The 2nd point between the eyes hurts so bad when I apply pressure- actually makes me sick at my stomach so I haven't been able to hold my thumbs there for 30 seconds yet!

Eddie Banda says:

Wow I'm speechless god bless this man

pm parameswari says:

Give points for bronchitis

rupam khosla says:

please help me to treat Retina Pigmentosa

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