Boys rescued from Thai cave speak out for 1st time

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The 12 young soccer players and their coach were released from the hospital after the dangerous and dramatic cave rescue that captivated the world.


ItzCako Gamez says:

Wow that’s amazing!! I would never live in that cave

nicholas8nj says:

100% ABC thank you I just don't understand why some people who of you is I'm not positive thumbs up are they haters whatever the situation is the most important thing is that they have been successful for a living because of all the good people out in this world and only a few people that I just don't care but I'm just glad that I am one of the good God bless everyone who have been helpful

nicholas8nj says:

What a great story this is 100% thumbs up the young man and the coach have been saved by wonderful people and thank you ABC for reporting this for the world

Pan Jan says:

They are so pure and innocent.
I don't understand the minds of ones who hate them and want to continue the dramas on the Thai social medias. Such narrow minded people that their life must be full of misery.

dp says:

I still want to know from these little boys that how did they enter that narrow passageway?, which was the biggest challenge for the rescuers!

S H says:

Thank God THEY were ALL
Rescued safely
Nice to hear good news

Mingkwan Matz says:

Chalermchai Chulalongkorn illustrated the story of the hero, helping 13 young football players, then the image is very beautiful.

Ananda S says:

Such cave “media cave “ somehow has unpredictable dangerous stuff to the boys than imagination.

Ananda S says:

Please let them free from “media cave” to their normal life as soon as possible.

Jay Hocker says:

That was a bullshit cut at the end

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