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Hey design champs! Happy Friday, if you’ve been waiting for the weekend then congrats! In today’s video I complete logo design challenge number 21. I start by sketching four ideas. I make the drawings in illustrator with my wacom tablet and they are very rough. I chose one of the designs to continue with as I thought it had the most potential. With my logo direction in mind, I created a vector outline version of my new logo and adjsted the width of the lines. By creating lines with varying thickness we can create more visually interesting logos. I filled the logo with color and added the typography. Here is where the most important part of logo design comes in. I took time away from the design to do something else, then I came back to the design 20 minutes later. It’s extremely important to evaluate your design and give yourself a gull design round. Try to see the logo with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective, pretend that it is the first time you’e looking at it. Then I made a list of the changes I wanted to to make and I went on to round two. Normally I would have a third and fourth round trying to see the logo fresh each time. I finished with a fun and colorful logo that I mocked up with a photoshop mockup. I hope you enjoyed this logo design process and have a fun weekend!

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Maja Soltys says:

wow that logo is amazing i am legit benj watching your videos on and on

Ibí Farabí says:

I hope someone make a new ice cream flavour. Mint Cookies n Cream

Lindokuhle Skosana says:

Hihi Zimri. Great channel. I'm only now getting into design and I've tried a couple of photoshop programs. I'd like to know what the one you are using is called because it seems much easier to use.

Hardik Jain says:

You are a Great Guy Dude!!
FULL of Energy and Entertaining
Getting Some Design Ideas And Inspiration From You! ☺️

Mona Rrr says:

so happy i found youuuuu

Osamakamil Kamil says:

wowowowoowoooww very beauty full video

Mahmoud Hassany says:


bryson west says:

I love it! Especially with the mock up ice cream containers. I would totally stop at that shop and try some. Love your channel. I like how you share your thinking, it really helps me learn.

kookette b says:

your personality is as adorable as your designs

Solida S says:

Hello Zimri! I love your design so much. Anyway, can i know what is it that you're using to draw? I want to know what is it called. Hopefully, you'll reply to this. Love from Cambodia.

David Bäcklin Forsberg says:

Cactus sorbet

Philadety says:

Addicted to your laugh

Ninja flawless says:

i loooooove it

Fa Ba says:

Hey ! I love your videos so much, thank you for sharing your advice !

I have a question, is it not dangerous to choose a typo from Dafont ? I thought they were made for personnal use only

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