Intro. to Zoology

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Introductory lecture for CHS zoology class


Grace MacPherson says:

Hi! I am a freshman in high school and interested int studying Zoology or possibly another related nature topic. This video is really helpful and I find it easy to while doing other things like cleaning my room and such! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

Noah Waldrep says:

Hi! I'm a senior in high school about to go off to college. My dream is to study zoology, and this video was fun and alot easier to understand for me than alot of other online lectures. I was wondering if you have more of these videos posted someplace else, and if so where could I get a hold of them? Thanks for the nice introduction to zoology, I would love to dive deeper!

KittyCat Gaming says:

Thx this helps me

ryandantinne says:

this makes me so excited to study zoology in college I love learning about this stuff! great video

Yasser Syed says:

good job. every teacher should do something like this for students that may need some extra help.

jorge villa says:

Can you please do more videos like this?

ChevyMan1601 says:

Hey Kurtis. You'll never guess who?

M.R. Hawks says:

I was looking up marine biology and stumbled onto this video. Just have a question about your inclusion of evolution. What about the horseshoe crab?

Sim K says:

Awesome intro! Really looking forward to some more! Please do post !

Justin bernat says:

Dude I love this guy

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