week 7 weigh in! intermittent fasting results! Extreme weight loss journey

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Welcome to my weight loss journey week 7 diet Was first week of intermittent fasting stayed under 1500 calories each day worked out 4 times lost 5 pounds this week thank you for watching comment and subscribe
Sw: 290
Cw: 276.5
Ig: @ aleshanoble
Twitter: mz_noble
hair: http://uniquexpressions.bigcartel.com/ Malaysian loosecurly
Email: aleshatnoble@gmail.com


Adultindiapers says:

Keep it up! The fact that you're tailoring the diet to fit your body is perfect!

Vick Mcfadden says:

I started intermmittent fasting three months ago and have lost 50 pounds so far the first week was water weight about ten pounds and losing about 2-3 pounds a week since then. I was losing so much weight I actually thought I had cancer lol

I'm Actually Me says:

Graveyard shift worker too. Just subscribed. It’s hard to find people making content for our unique weight loss challenges. Good job with your progress. About to checkout your other videos.

Thesouthernchicchicktv says:

You’re so pretty!! I started this journey AGAIN yesterday and ran across your video! I’m on the 18:6 and it isn’t so bad and yes low carb is hard lol

jane doe says:

too much not to the point I can't

Shauna B. says:

You're adorable!

Emily Rector says:

I'm New to IF, how many crabs should I summon in a day? I'm also work the night shift and I do 16/8 IF'ing. I start my meal with overnight oats so far..

Johnnaisha Dewberry says:

Look at you! I love this video! I just started my fasting Sunday

Mrs. Butterfly2018 says:

Can you give us a update on your progress? I just started intermittent weight loss. In 2 weeks and 3 days i have lost 11 bs.

Tia Brown says:

Oh yeah i started on the 4th im down 2 pounds on the 9th is that ok progress or should it be more

Tia Brown says:

Im on IF as well i do 19 fast 5 feed and im alotted on myfitness pal 2000 calories aday im averaging about 1000 calories a day plus im working out twice a day i really hope this is a good setup for weightloss.

Brittany August says:

Happy I found your channel omg. I work from 11pm to 7am. I can't sleep when I get home right away so I made my eating window from 9am to 5pm doing the 16/8 If. What kind of food should I stay away from? Also I drink ACV. Only on my 4th day so far. I lost 4 pounds in 3 days I weigh in the morning for day 4

jada 13 says:

You're so pretty omg

my turn says:

Dr Eric Berg is who I follow for IF!

my turn says:

It is a life style adding healthy fats is key to getting thru fasting window. Herbal teas coffee no creams or sugar water is half your body weight.

Ali’a Siani says:

Ooo you can tell your face got slimmer from the last video ❤️ how’s it going now ?

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